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The 2nd Annual Art for Animals Affair

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Jun 06, 2016
The 2nd Annual Art for Animals Affair

This weekend the Eastwood Ranch Foundation held its 2nd Annual Art for Animals fundraiser at De Re Gallery in West Hollywood! The Eastwood Ranch Foundation is a non-profit animal welfare and rescue organization whose mission is to rescue animals from high-kill shelters and provide care until a loving home is found for them. The fundraiser showcased art by Brian Bowen Smith, Michael Muller, Steven Janssen, and others, as well as hosting a silent auction to raise funds for homeless pets around the community. All proceeds will enable the Eastwood Ranch Foundation to continue to rescue animals and help raise awareness for animal welfare causes.

This year’s Host Committee of animal activists includes Hilary Swank, Emmy Rossum, Scott Eastwood, Brian Bowen Smith, Katie Cleary, Al Jackson, and many more. New You was also in attendance to this heart-warming event, and we got to catch up with some of the stars who came to support their love for our four legged friends.

We got to chat with Alison Eastwood, founder of Eastwood Ranch Foundation, actress, model, fashion designer, and daughter of Clint Eastwood. She talks about her non-profit’s mission and her long roster of pets that double as her children. What is she working on? “I directed my second film recently. We’re in the midst of selling it. Lots of animal rescue, and then I have a pilot and another film that I’m going to direct.” She also dishes on her Dad’s advice to her. Watch the full video below.

Shameless Actress, Bojana Novakovic, talks veganism and vegetarianism and gives her tips on making the switch. “My advice to anyone who really wants to be vegan is to educate yourself in not only the health benefits but the environmental benefits of that lifestyle overall.” She talks about her health and fitness beliefs, “I honestly think that health and fitness begin with the space between your ears.” She is more a believer in intention than the physical aspect- but she does maintain an active lifestyle.

Katie Clearly, writer for Give Me Shelter, an award-winning animal welfare documentary on Netflix talks about living a cruelty-free lifestyle. Here are her makeup tips, “The key to when your going to any beauty supply store, look up on your phone for cruelty-free products. Physicians formula, Elf is really good. If it doesn’t have a bunny or doesn’t say cruelty free- it’s not.” She also urges us to do our part to end animal testing. Find out how you can make a difference below.

Award-winning actor and legendary film director Clint Eastwood came out to the event to show support for his daughter and his belief in the animal rights movement. Watch his grand entrance below.

For more information on how you can involved in animal welfare visit http://www.eastwoodranch.org/.