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Gigi Hadid Hints That She and Zayn Malik Might Still Be Dating

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Jun 06, 2016

Gigi Hadid showed up solo to the Guys Choice Awards, which suggested that her break up with Zayn Malik is totally official. But in an interview with Elle, Gigi still referred to her boyfriend when asked what her ideal night would look like. When Gigi was asked if she would rather go out or stay in, she said she prefers to “cook, paint, play with my dog, hang out with my boyfriend, watch movies, just chill.” This obviously raised a few eyebrows because everyone is under the impression that Gigi is newly single. According to Us Magazine, “Like all these young relationships, it’s back and forth constantly. They broke up, but have still been talking constantly so it’s not totally done. It changes by the minute but they did break up.” There you have it, don’t count on Gigi and Zayn to be completely over just yet.