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Nick Jonas Says New Album Will Reveal Truths About His Love Life

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Jun 09, 2016

Want to hear more about Nick Jonas’s love life? Then you just have to listen to his new album, “Last Year Was Complicated,” he tells People Magazine. “It’s a great opportunity to just lay it out. I was trying to be as honest as possible. It really is pulling from this chapter of my life.” Nick isn’t afraid to answer the questions that he’s peppered with on a regular basis; he’d just prefer to do it in song form. He tells People, “By writing the songs, I’m hopeful it’ll answer some of the questions that I get asked that might be a little monotonous. I’m able to speak about it in a really open way that I probably wouldn’t be able to in an interview setting.” The 23-year-old has been romantically linked to a few famous faces, including Kate Hudson. Nick assures fans his album will be a little window into his life.