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Alexis Nolan on supporting the Starving Artists Project

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Aug 07, 2017
Alexis Nolan on supporting the Starving Artists Project


Alexis Nolan came out to support artist and fashion in LA and New You was there for it all! “Because of the Starving Artists Project, by wearing this dress tonight, struggling artists will get free headshots for their career. I love the foundation. I love working with them. I’ve known them for a few years now. I just love being able to help them!”


Alexis is all about supporting a good cause and enjoying local art. “I love to be able to support other events in any way that I can and this is their back to school special and I’m a college student so I love being able to see all of their school inspired art.”


In addition to the art on the gallery walls, she was showcasing some of her own artistic pieces as well. “The lipstick is by Moon Star Cosmetics and they are also a part of the Artists Project. They are an up and coming makeup company. They have one of the first FDA approved makeup brush cleaners.”


Art, color, glam – Alexis loves it all. “I love statement pieces like statement rings and bright colorful, in-your-face kind of style. I’m a big girly girl so I love anything that has to do with bright, shiny colors. If it has sparkles I automatically love it!”


When it comes to makeup, Alexis has a good sense of balance. “I’ve been on the stage since I was little so I’ve been able to be in the makeup world with lots of makeup or subtle makeup for shoots so I’m kind of just flexible with it on daily basis. I wear a little bit of it, not a lot. Of course for red carpet events you put a little bit more on!”


Of course makeup doesn’t work well without good skin, so Alexis makes sure to pay extra attention to her complexion. “I really do try to take as good care of my skin as possible. I do acting and modeling so on the screen you want your skin to be porcelain and flawless so I definitely wash my face, take my makeup off every day, and I’m using lots of different products out to see which ones I like the best.”


Alexis Nolan