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By New You Editorial
Posted On May 08, 2017

Not many people know what animal would be best to adopt so Alison Eastwood recently created a new initiative for animal fostering.  Alison suggests fostering before adoption to see if a pet is a good fit for your family, lifestyle and personality. “Fostering saves so many lives. You can try different animals and help them out between their rescue and forever homes. If you decide to be a ‘foster failure’ – which I am a ‘foster failure’ – I have a couple of cats I could not give up, but it is great because fostering is a way to segue into adoption.” Her family has three dogs, three cats, two rabbits, two pet rats and two horses. “A full house,” she laughed. NEW YOU caught up with Clint Eastwood’s eldest daughter at the 3rd Art for Animals event at the De Rey Gallery in West Hollywood. The event benefited their Eastwood Ranch Foundation. “We started the foundation in 2012 as we really wanted to help our community and help animals in California,” she explained. This is our third animal fundraiser that helps animals in Southern California specifically, although we donate to non-profits around the world.”  The event featured art from all over the nation. “My husband (Stacy Poitras of CMT’s Chainsaw Gang) donated this beautiful owl he carved,” she said proudly while pointing to the owl on a pedestal in the gallery. “We have artists from New York and San Francisco – it is a very eclectic group.”  When it comes to keeping healthy, Alison attributes her glowing skin to lots of water. “I am about to be 45 years old in two weeks and people ask me how I keep my skin so good and I tell them I drink a ton of water,” she said. “Go out, be active, sweat, have a good time, pollute your body and then clean it out,” she advised. “It is all about moderation – keeping the cycle going.” We agree.

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