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Anna Akana Says Don’t Do Weed

By New You Editorial
Posted On Apr 28, 2017

On the subject of health, Anna Akana says everyone has to figure out what works for them but there are a few musts. “Exercise regularly, get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, and don’t do weed because weed can actually make dormant genes active again,” says the filmmaker/actress/comedian. “For me, talk therapy has helped me lots of times and transcendental meditation. I also like to do ten minutes a day of meditation – maybe 20 minutes – but it is so hard, so sometimes I skip a day.” NEW YOU caught up with Akana at the Erasing the Stigma Leadership Awards in Los Angeles last night. The organization reached out to the actress after reading an article in People magazine where Arkana spoke how comedy helped her deal with her sister, Kristina’s, suicide. “I had no idea about their services,” she said. “The organization has so many institutions in Los Angeles that are completely free to help people with mental illness, so I became involved.” When it comes to the subject of mental illness, Arkana is a great believer of more exposure. “I think it is hard to empathize with someone with bi-polar schizophrenia, if you don’t know anyone who has that,” she said. “I actually watched a YouTube video that simulated a first person POV video of what it is like to have schizophrenia and it was the first time I understood that this is a really hard illness to live with. It really let me be compassionate with people who have it.”