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Autumn Reeser on Training, Eating, and Sleeping for Action Movie “Kill ‘Em All” Role

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Jun 07, 2019
Autumn Reeser on Training, Eating, and Sleeping for Action Movie “Kill ‘Em All” Role

The action-packed summer movie “Kill ‘Em All” is headed to a movie theatre near you and New You caught up with its leading lady, the lovely Autumn Reeser. On her role and why she decided to take on such an intense movie, Autumn tells us, “She’s a nurse who’s caught up in an extraordinary situation and she has to protect herself but she also has Jean-Claude Van Damme to protect her. So life’s pretty good. I really wanted to do action in this movie and to learn it from one of the best in the entire world, I felt so lucky.”


How does one even begin to prepare to work alongside an action movie icon? Autumn fills us in on her secret weapon, “I’m a dancer so I danced a lot and started doing this thing called Orange Theory. It’s really hard! It involves half an hour of running on a treadmill and then weights! But it was good training for this because it required a lot of stamina.”


When not sprinting it out on the treadmill, Autumn keeps her nutrition on point as well, “I eat pretty healthy to begin with too. I’ve been in dance for a really long time so I just eat healthy. I eat lots of vegetables, I eat lots of protein, and I’m not a big sweets person.”


She also values the importance of being well-rounded in all aspects of healthy living, “Be kind to yourself. I think the way we talk to ourselves affects our minds, affects our bodies, affects our lives, so give yourself grace and speak kindly to yourself.”


In terms of beauty, Autumn describes her go-to beauty fix, “Sleep! Does that count as a beauty trend?! I’m a big fan of sleep lately. I was not a person who slept a lot when I was younger. I was like ‘I can sleep when I’m dead! Who cares about sleep! Go go go!’ I don’t believe in that philosophy anymore. I think sleep is very important so you can enough energy to get through life and be present.”