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The Beautiful Ways of October Celebrities

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Oct 01, 2019
The Beautiful Ways of October Celebrities

By Andrew C. Stone

Every year, as October rolls around, a colorful cadre of celebrities turn another year older, wiser, and (miraculously) more gorgeous. Is it just their enviable genes, or does the beauty industry continue to get better and better? Let’s be safe and say, “Likely a bit of both.” As for October guys on whom we seriously crush, first there are the Libra boys (up to the 22nd) like Drew Chadwick (10/1), Derrick Rose (10/4), Bruno Mars and Nick Cannon (both 10/8), Josh Hutcherson (10/12), and Zac Efron (10/18). What seems to unify them? Soul, creativity, talent galore, and charm you can trust. Then there are the Scorpio fellows (October 23rd, into November)–think: Ryan Reynolds (10/23), Drake (10/24), and Keith Urban (10/27). What do you notice? An uptick in sexy smolder, but watch out for that stinger.

Now for our October beauty and style inspirations, the lovely ladies of the autumn. On the Libra side we’ve got our favorite, Julie Andrews (10/1), Gwen Stefani (10/3), Kate Winslet (10/5), Bella Thorn (10/8), Lindsey Vonn (10/18), and Kim Kardashian (10/21). How do you get some of the sure-footed confidence, timeless sexiness, self-knowledge, and rock-steady style of these leading ladies? Load your closet with some great, well fitting basics and build out your look with your accessories. Libras weigh things out, which means they don’t like to commit to one image. That doesn’t mean they are afraid to dazzle…Ramp up the lip color, experiment with a statement piece, but remember you can always come back to center.

As for the intense and super-sexy Scorpios out there, we’ve got Katy Perry and Ciara (both 10/25), Caitlyn Jenner (10/28), Gabrielle Union (10/29), and Willow Smith (10/31). If you want to own your inner Scorpio, we suggest owning your sexiness with some bold fashion statements. Wear something outrageous, and wear it with pride. Smart, spiritual, loyal, and fierce, Scorpio beauties can shine with a natural makeup look or with the wattage ramped up. The main point with them is, they own their look. In the latter half of October, give that notion a try, yourself