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Bella Hadid Bulgari’s new face of Goldea Roman Night scent

By Cameron Peek
Posted On May 25, 2017
Bella Hadid Bulgari’s new face of Goldea Roman Night scent

Fragrance brand, Bulgari has named American model, Bella Hadid as its new campaign face for the Goldea, The Roman Night scent. Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas comments, ‘Infused by Roman passion, the fragrance evokes the frenzy of impulsive Roman nights, of following one’s instinct, of being open to mystery. Strong and seductive, the Roman goddess enters the night following only the whims of her freedom, as she spritzes on the golden elixir of the stars.’ This is Bella’s second run with the Italian house, last year she became an ambassador for their accessories. Either way, we’re sure that anyone would want to trade places with the gorgeous model.

Bella has a long history with Bulgari, she shared with Refinery29, “When my mom and dad first got married, he gave her a Bulgari bracelet. And when I turned 20, for my birthday, she gave it to me. She found all her old Bulgari scents from when my parents were first married.” Bella is the perfect person to represent the musky yet girly fragrance with her natural beauty and youthfullness that aligns with the scent. The 20 year old supermodel has been signing endorsement deals with Nike and Calvin Klein, naturally fragrances would come next.

Bella had a busy week in Cannes, France and now Rome, Italy for the launch of Goldea Roman Night. She shared on Instagram, “So proud to have walked down the iconic Spanish steps alone tonight to launch my new #GoldeaRomanNight perfume campaign,” Hadid captioned an Instagram video of the glamorous event. “This was a dream I never thought would have come true. A movie. Thank you to my whole @bulgariofficial family for your love and generosity for making this the most beautiful roman night of all! Pinch meee !!!!”

As for the perfume, it’s the perfect mix of feminity and masculinity that creates a very sexy concoction. Now that Bella is representing the Roman Night Scent, everyone will be trying to get their hands on it.