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BET’s “Games People Play” star, Parker McKenna, on balancing life as a mom and self care

By Contributor
Posted On Nov 11, 2021
BET’s “Games People Play” star, Parker McKenna, on balancing life as a mom and self care

With more than 20 years in entertainment, Parker McKenna Posey is certainly a face you may be familiar with… She’s come a long way since playing little Kady from the hit series “My Wife and Kids.”  These days she’s a striking young woman, a mom, and one of the stars of BET’s “Games People Play.”   As one who is selective in the work she accepts and deliberate in her path, Parker has a very clear vision for herself.  She’s determined to use her platform for good, and be a voice for others—especially other women.  As one who has been outspoken about owning your worth and body positivity, her hope is to inspire women to be authentic and not compare themselves to others.  On the philanthropic front, she has a heart of gold, with Heartstrings Collective, her own non-profit foundation with an aim to giving back to the youth in her community by introducing them to the fine arts. 

We had an opportunity to sit down with Parker to see what’s going on in her world today, making time for self-care, and how she makes being a new mom look effortless…

Congrats on your sweet baby girl! How has this new season of life changed the way you view your career, and your plans for the future?

  • Thank you so much! Being a mom has really opened my eyes to a whole new world in so many ways. Career wise I’m blessed to have the support I do, and even more than ever I feel like I have so much motivation to keep going and really show my daughter that she can do anything she sets out to do! I’ve also grown to truly understand what it means to be a provider, all I want to do it make sure she wants for nothing, so I’m finding new ways to get on the billionaire list! Haha!

Being a working mom is tough on anyone, what advice would you give to people who are looking to find a balance?

  • You gotta find your tribe! Gotta surround yourself with people you can depend on and people who support you in all spaces of your life! Sometimes mommy needs a break and I’m thankful my family has been a big help throughout it all. I feel like me becoming a mom made us even closer.

As a new mom have your definitions for self-care and luxury changed? What do each of those mean to you now?

  • Self-care to me NOW simply just means any moment for ME. Whenever, whatever I can do to put a smile on my face that has nothing to do with anyone else, key word SELF lol.  Luxury to me can be something as simple as going to bed bath and beyond and balling out on candles, silk sheets and a nice bottle of wine. Or getting that bag you just couldn’t stop thinking about!

You have a long-standing relationship with the Stand Up for Cancer Foundation, and you created your own non-profit Heartstring Collective. What can you tell us about each?

  • Cancer has directly affected people in my life, so it was an honor to begin working with them at a young age to bring awareness, but most importantly being able to spend time with others who’ve been on that fighting journey. Heartstrings collective is a foundation based on giving back to my community by introducing the youth to different programs related to fine arts. I was fortunate enough to have parents who not only encouraged me, but also believed in my dreams at such a young age. It’s important for me give back where I know how to help kids follow their dreams and have someone not only be there to encourage them but help give them the tools and proper resources to get there as well. 

Season 2 of Games People Play is premiering now on BET. Without giving too much away what can fans expect out of LAILA* story arc this season?

  • This season you’ll be able to see Laila really step into her own. She finally sees some of her dreams start to come true but just like real life things aren’t always what they seem.. this season was definitely my favorite so make sure you tune in!

What was one of your favorite memories for the set of Season 2?

  • Ahhh! We had so many great cast moments this season! We were in a city together, sort of on lockdown (COVID) so we had plenty of time to bond! My favorite moments were seeing everyone with my daughter…that was the sweetest thing! 

Which character that you’ve played would you like to meet in real life? What do you think that meeting would look like?

  • I’d like to meet Summer’s crazy self! I feel like we’d have lots of fun turning up together! She’s a free spirit like me.

What is your dream role, and who would be your dream co-star?

 – I have to do something scary in this lifetime! I’m a big horror/crime junkie! Just waiting on my role on American Horror Story one day (fingers crossed).  I’d also love to kill it in an action flick;  some crazy kill bill type vibes!

This holiday season will be the first of many for your little family. Are there any traditions you plan to start?

  • YES!!! My baby is a little Christmas baby so we kind of started one last year, thinking she’d be here by Christmas…silly us! But we get new stockings every year. Thanks for reminding me I gotta order them ASAP lol!

Where can fans go to stay up to date on all things Parker McKenna?

IG- @parkermckennaaa