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Brandi Cyrus DJ Confetti excited for upcoming show Cyrus vs. Cyrus

By Cameron Peek
Posted On May 16, 2017
Brandi Cyrus DJ Confetti excited for upcoming show Cyrus vs. Cyrus

Looking for a new show to watch this summer that will feed your creative side and have you laughing the whole time? We have the show for you: Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer. The show stars Nashville resident and Style Native founder, Brandi Cyrus “DJ Confetti” and her mom, Tish Cyrus. This past weekend NEW YOU had the privilege of interviewing Brandi at the Simply Stylist Miami Pop-up for Coppertone’s new Whipped sunscreen and she had a lot to say about the new show. What makes it different from any other home design show? Brandi told NEW YOU, “I think my mom and I’s dynamic will definitely make it different than anything. I know everyone’s always wanted to see more of my mom in front of the camera, she’s very much a behind-the-scenes kind of person.” Brandi was happy to boast about her mom’s design skills, and she knows she’s becoming more and more like her mom every day. You can catch the first episode May 25th at 10:15 pm on Bravo.

In addition to the show, Brandi revealed how she got her start as a DJ. After being worn out from the music industry, performing with her band Frank and Derol, she left for a short period of time. The transition allowed her to build her name and brand, as a fashion blogger for Style Native and collaborate with Simply Stylist (who hosted the event). She has also been a speaker and panelist at the L.A. and New York events for Simply Stylist. “I did miss music, so I started DJ-ing about a year and a half ago.” She didn’t ease into it either; her first event was little sister Noah’s 16th birthday party. “It’s cool because you still get to perform and you still get to be creative.”

When it comes to health, Brandi is all about it. She’s a strong believer in exercise whether it’s horseback riding, pilates or boxing, you name it and she’s there. She told NEW YOU, she drinks one gallon of water every day because nutrition is just as important as exercise. Finally, skincare is king and she has a wide array of products that she uses each day. Check out the interview for her favorite products and everything that’s happening in the life of Brandi Cyrus!