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Carly Hughes on Health and Moderation at Broadway’s Concert for America

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On May 25, 2017
Carly Hughes on Health and Moderation at Broadway’s Concert for America

New You caught up with the fabulous Carly Hughes as she attended and performed in the Concert for America. As a “Broadway baby,” Carly is no stranger to the stage and the spotlight. Before the show, she filled us in on her role in the performance, “I’m singing a solo in the big number, ‘What the World Needs Now’ and at the end were all singing ‘Let the Sun Shine.’”

When not in front of an audience, Carly explains how she maintains a great figure, ready for the lights and camera. “It depends on the show! Some shows you can slip a little bit and be like ‘I’ll have that extra glass of wine.’ When I was doing Pippin I had to be very adamant and regiment about everything I did and everything ate. The workout I did outside the show was to be able to do eight shows a week and dance for 2 ½ hours. So it varies with each show but you do have to stay on top of it.”

When asked what advice she would give anyone looking to stay in shape and live healthy, she tells us, “The best advice I can give anyone besides, ‘BE HEALTH’ is everything in moderation. The more you try to diet and the more you tell yourself no, I feel like it’s the stepping stone to failure. You have to learn how to do everything in moderation and have the things you want in your life so that you don’t have to constantly be telling yourself no. So if you get on track with that, you’re going to be A-Okay.”

So what’s in store for this songstress? “We just wrapped American Housewife on ABC and we just got a full reorder for season two so that’s coming up! I just did a little movie and another show, the movie is Brampton’s Own and something’s coming up in July but I can’t talk about it but some fun stuff!”