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Charlotta Burman talks art and fitness in LA

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Aug 07, 2017
Charlotta Burman talks art and fitness in LA

The art scene was alive and vibrant at the Art On Scene Gallery in LA. New You caught up with Charlotta Barman and the beautiful pieces she was representing at the event. “The artist is Ellie Fox. She creates them all on her own. They’re a mixed media art, between five and ten media that she uses together. A lot of time they’re layered as well so if you look really closely, they have a bit of depth of perspective to them as well. Her main thing that she’s doing and what she wants to portray to the people watching her art and looking at her art would be that she doesn’t actually want to tell you what they are. You can actually have a sense for what you feel they are for yourself.”

How does a model get involved in the art world? Charlotta explains how it all happened. “When I landed in LA four months ago, there was this amazing exhibition by a feminist artist called Ra Dreyfus – most amazing art that she had created as well, I was really inspired by her work and that same week I got to meet the same artist, Ellie Fox who’s just behind me here. We all got talking and we’ve actually created a collaboration here. We’ve done some really fun stuff that should be coming out fairly soon.”

When not checking out the latest pieces, Charlotta takes time to care for her body by being active. “For me specifically, working as a model, I’m not the stereotypical super tall, very slim… I look after myself. I do enjoy my occasional glass of wine and chocolate as well but it’s very important for me to feel active. In LA’s it’s awesome because you can do all the hiking, surfing, skating, and just generally being out and about but I think really finding something that resonates with yourself. Just really try and be comfortable and don’t always be the same as anyone else, really find your own individuality and be comfortable.”

In addition to keep an active lifestyle, Charlotta pays much attention to her skin under the steamy California sun. “My skin is a little bit back and forth. I do get a lot of sunspots. Being Scandinavian, we’re not really use to strong sunshine, so high SPF, hats if you can. I love the sun a little bit too much but just balancing that out with water and any kind of lotions and potions you can find. I try to go for organic or vegan and especially cruelty free.