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Cinemoi President Daphna Ziman on why she built a high-fashion network to empower women

By New You Editorial
Posted On Apr 06, 2021
Cinemoi President Daphna Ziman on why she built a high-fashion network to empower women

Daphna Ziman, is the President of Cinémoi, a network devoted to film, fashion, and lifestyle.  She is also the founder of a music label, a movie writer and director, an author and a philanthropist, known internationally and in the halls of power in Washington, D.C. for her work on behalf of at-risk and foster children. Cinémoi network is an elegant channel tailored for discerning viewers and recognized for its high-quality eclectic array of classic and contemporary curated movies and documentaries and its glamorous coverage of top worldwide film festivals and fashion week events.

1. You have become not only a world renowned creator but also an innovative entrepreneur. Where did the drive come from?

 During my divorce I saw how the justice system gives all the benefits to the earning spouse, which is usually the man. Because the richer spouse can hire the better law firms, which ultimately offer cases to the very same judges who strive to become rent-a-judges, so they can make more money. It made me realize that I needed to launch a network that focused on the needs and interests of women. I wanted to inspire women to reach up and improve their self-confidence. I want women to see themselves as the earning spouses, or at least as equals.

2. What would you consider was your big break in business?

My big break was my divorce, because I was free to follow my own dream. Which was to create a path for women in media. It was apparent to me that apart from Oprah there were no women, who are owners of a television network. I knew that somehow I had to create a channel that aspired and inspired women. There was no high fashion channel, so that every woman could have a front row seat at the Paris Haute Couture fashion week and so much more. That was my real break, to feel the passion to serve other women.

3. You started at MTV and became a director with projects at Showtime. Did you franchise Cinémoi because you were ready to control your own narrative and enhance your vision through fashion and art?

Film, Fashion, Music and art are the universal languages of cultural and gender diversity. We are the gatekeepers for the future of the next generations. With that we carry the responsibility to deliver the kind of story telling that helps us find a common human denominator . That makes us see that we are on the same boat rowing in the same direction. Therefore, we must be responsible, because the stories we tell today are a mirror to who we are as people.

4. As a visionary, how do you see fashion evolving? Are presentations and runway shows relevant?

I believe that designers and Cinémoi have introduced new elements into the way fashion is presented through the mixed reality mediums, which brings forth the exploration of how the virtual world enables viewers to experience a front row seat view, at the most important fashion weeks. It also offers fashion visionaries the opportunity to deliver multiple fashion experiences directly to the consumers. This phenomenon allows for a much deeper respect to our audiences.

5. With all of the content you receive and see on a daily basis, which brands do you think are hitting the mark?

I love where fashion is going. Particularly some of the emerging new designers from different parts of the world. For instance: The Weekend and his partner Brooklyn have launched a brand named “Riot Hill” by designer Jordan Fresher from Perth, Australia in 2018. It was the sensation of Paris men fashion Week. It took street wear to a very high fashion style. I also love the fashion brand: “Studio one eighty nine” created by Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah, this collection offered jobs to many women in Africa. I particularly appreciate the new styles that Louis Vuitton introduced this season featuring the marriage between comfort and style.

Also Dior is very innovative with their new styles for this season. Especially their new handbags and shoes.

6. Fashion and beauty are a multi-billion dollar industry. Who do you think is coming out of the pandemic stronger than they went in?

Dior and Gucci seem to be first in line in terms of the loyalty of their consumers. But by enlargement the luxury brands have sustained their impact on the market place. While engaging more and more in giving back through a direct focus in philanthropy.

7. You are a celebrated philanthropist for your work with the child foster care system. How did that journey begin for you?

I visited a residential group home once that made me see in an upfront and personal way how we have turned our backs on the most vulnerable children in our communities. I subsequently learned that 78.8% of all inmates in penitentiaries come from the child welfare system. That fact was unacceptable to me and I decided to devote myself to improving the lives of these precious children, who are taken from their homes for no fault of their own and are thrown into a system that has betrayed them, and continues to betray them.

8. The general public is not aware of the displacement of children after their 18th birthday. Many of them end up in the prison system. How can people help stop the cycle?

People can commit to mentor one Foster child. It takes only one caring adult to save the life of a foster child, and to stop the cycle of these children being institutionalized. You can volunteer to be trained and go through the background check and become an educational mentor, a life skills mentor or an occupational mentor. Go to www.childrenunitingnations.org and sign up or donate some money towards school supplies, clothing , Ipads, soft blankets and so much more. These children have nothing and no one. If you save one child , you have saved the entire world.

9. So many of our lives changed during the pandemic, no matter what anyone’s lifestyle is. What did you find the most helpful in dealing with life changes? What advice can you give as a successful entrepreneur to other women who want to make changes in their lives? 

I learned that we must have each other’s back. We must reach out to others and offer a helping hand. We must learn to care about our elders and commit ourselves to staying the course when it comes to being an active member of our global community. We must find love even in fear, because when fear feels love it turns into compassion. We must care about our work and be the friend we want others to be.