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Cryo-Sticks are in Jade Rollers are out! CELEBRITY AESTHETICIAN Reveals 5 Best Tips

By New You Editorial
Posted On May 15, 2020
Cryo-Sticks are in Jade Rollers are out! CELEBRITY AESTHETICIAN Reveals 5 Best Tips

As I wrap up my best skin tips, I wish for more self-care! Seems silly, right? A Master Aesthetician who needs to dedicate more time to pampering herself?! Well, I can tell you it’s not silly – as the owner of a newly-opened skincare destination, Sarah Akram Skincare in Alexandria, VA, right outside of D.C., my self-care routine has taken a bit of a backseat already! 

Celebrity Aesthetician Sarah Akram


But self-care is major this year, and what I can impress upon you is how to set and achieve easy skincare rituals – it’s not too late! I’ve specifically laid out tips for anyone and everyone to be able to afford them and find time for them! So, let’s set some new self-care intentions for our bodies’ largest organ: our skin.


Here are five tips that you can incorporate into your skincare routine that will set you on the path to healthier, more renewed and youthful skin.


1. Introduce a Cleansing oil to your skincare routine:

Don’t let the word ‘oil’ scare you! Cleansing should always be a two-step process—1) to remove make-up and dirt and 2) to cleanse! Removing makeup and daily debris build-up properly is probably one of the most overlooked skincare steps—and the most important! It makes such a major impact on your skin’s pH balance, which sets the tone for your skin type, imbalances and skin disturbances.

By adding a little cleansing oil to your regular cleanser you’ll get a more nourishing face wash. Even if you have oily, combination or acne-prone skin, cleansing oils are safe for everyone and will boost your cleanser’s efficacy. Proper skin prep is the No.1 most important thing you can do for your skin – everything starts here and I cannot stress this enough.


2. Adding a face mask to your weekly routine will yield amazing results:

This is the best thing you can do for your skin without seeing a professional! Finding a good face mask that works for you could take some trial and error, but I’d say look for one with the ingredient lactic acid. Lactic acid is a gentler form of chemical exfoliation that will help slough off dead skin cells, hydrate skin, reduce the appearance of pores, and give you a nice glow. Leave it on for 20-30 min. weekly and follow up with serum and a moisturizer.


3. Get Back to Basics w/ vitamins, water, rest—and SPF year-round! 

I hate to sound like a broken record, but J.Lo and Jennifer Aniston aren’t lying when they credit their beautiful, bouncy skin to daily vitamins, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest. All three really will make a world of a difference on your skin. And just because it’s winter, don’t neglect using SPF! It is so important for dry and fragile winter skin – especially if you’re using exfoliants, retinols or acids in your skincare routine. Just because you’re not basking in the sun, doesn’t mean those rays aren’t just as strong and penetrating your skin’s barrier. Look for an SPF with peptides and antioxidants to help protect against UVA rays and free radicals found lurking everywhere in the air and pollution.


4. Grab a Cryo Stick:

Cryo-Sticks are the new version of jade rollers – they help to soothe the skin, plump-up and stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation and work product into the skin. So, with all the extra steps you’re taking to improve your skincare routine, like introducing an oil cleanser, incorporating face-masking, etc., a cryo-stick such as those from Biologique Recherche USA will ensure these products penetrate deeper into the dermis, which will increase skin cell turnover rate, thus promoting glowy, radiant skin from the inside out. When done regularly, it can even help to contour and shape your facial muscles and keep that hold in place – like lifting your forehead around the brow area, cheeks, jawline and neck. My favorite time to use these are at night right before bed after I’ve finished my skincare routine – you can lay in bed and watch TV while you roll and work the product in! 


5. Treat Yourself:

If you’re looking to schedule a facial to get your skincare on track, consider booking these new treatments as add-ons. They’re new, non-invasive and boost the skin’s natural collagen production, increases product penetration and gives an automatic healthy glow:

Microcurrent – Often described as a non-surgical facelift, Microcurrent technology helps to tone, lift, firm, and re-educate tired muscles, leaving the face looking younger and naturally glowing. This treatment is designed to “exercise” the facial muscles for a dramatically more youthful complexion. It also helps with product penetration, allowing product to penetrate layers deeper into your skin while lifting and sculpting facial muscles. Results are cumulative and improve with each session.

LED Treatments with Negative Ion Infusion– Sarah Akram Skincare is one of the few skincare destinations in the country to offer an LED light treatment with negative ion infusion. Negative ions are positively charged molecules found in nature that help to heal. This treatment revitalizes skin’s appearance, increases collagen production and gives an immediate plumping, radiant effect.


And please don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve already fallen off the wagon with your self-care resolutions. I recently read somewhere that if you replace “I don’t have time for,” with “it’s not a priority to me,” to see how that makes you feel. For instance, instead of saying “I don’t have time to clean my skin,” try how it sounds hearing “Clean skin isn’t a priority to me,” and see if that changes your attitude about the things you make time for. These baby steps are meant to help you focus on daily changes you can make and realize skin goals don’t have to be aspirational beyond time, money and efforts you’re capable of. Cheers to healthier and more youthful skin!


Board-certified Master Aesthetician to the stars and Alexandria, VA native, Sarah Akram, is one of the most sought after, all-natural skincare specialists on the East Coast with a roster of loyal A-list clients and D.C. notables. Sarah Akram is the owner of Sarah Akram Skincare, a facial destination located in Alexandria, Virginia.