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By New You Editorial
Posted On Nov 21, 2016

Meet the Browns actress, Denise Boutte, made it a point, years ago, to not take life so seriously. “As long as I can keep my personal life in a really steady and healthy place, I am better to handle the unknowns of my professional life,” says the actress. “For me, it is all about balance. You can control what you can but things you can’t control you have to just let go, put your hands up to God and pray for the best.” NEW YOU caught up with Boutte at the 14th Annual Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon benefiting Lupus LA.  She had heard of lupus and has a girlfriend in Dallas, Texas, who is suffering from this condition. On the subject of health, Boutte was quick to add that the more grown up you become, the more responsible you have to become with eating and exercise. “We have kids and husbands who look to us as an example,” she says. “We have to set an example for the next generation of women around us.”  Boutte also wishes she had a more structured environment when it comes to taking supplements. “I take a multivitamin and a little biotin – I like the thickness of the hair,” she laughs. And what about that purple lipstick? “Omg, I had just finished wrapping up a movie, and I found this lipstick in the goody bag! I don’t even know the name!” she says. “I am a creature of habit that wears peachy, pink, and neutral colors so yes I love this purple color!”