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Dominique Swain on healthy living, skincare and upcoming films at Kill ‘Em All Premiere

By Cameron Peek
Posted On Jun 07, 2017
Dominique Swain on healthy living, skincare and upcoming films at Kill ‘Em All Premiere

Summer is around the corner, which means lots of sunshine but there’s bound to be some rainy days too. Rainy days tend to make the best movies days as well, so on the next rainy day check out Kill ‘Em All, the latest action-packed movie for the summer. It features Jean-Claude Van Damme, who plays a mysterious stranger that arrives at a local hospital on the brink of death after a massive shootout. NEW YOU caught up with Dominique Swain at the premiere to hear her health and beauty advice. She was very excited about the premiere of Kill ‘Em All but showed so much enthusiasm for Wonderwoman as well. “I love action. Wonderwoman is the best movie I’ve seen in ten years and it’s not usually my style of movie, you know, like the whole superhero element but oh my gosh, it just made me feel like ‘Rah, Woman!!'”

Dominique has recently learned just how important a healthy diet is after having some health complications of her own. “Just make sure you eat a balanced diet and you take care of yourself.” That’s some great advice that everyone should follow. As for beauty, “I like Dior, I think Dior has the best skincare products for their line and they have so many different shades that you can really find something that matches your skin well.” Her skin was radiating, as you can see in the video above. We guess the secret is out, Dior is the sure way to get a natural-looking glow.

She wasn’t sure where the road of life was taking her next, but she just finished up a film called Rotten Tail about a demented Easter Bunny. She was also in a film in Rome called Deprivation and that will soon be turned into a TV show. Deprivation is loosely based on the Russian Sleep Experiments, and Dominique is playing the leading role Abby, a mother whose daughter dies and it’s her fault. If that isn’t creepy to the core, we don’t know what is.