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By New You Editorial
Posted On Nov 21, 2016

The newest member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eden Sassoon, caught up with NEW YOU to talk health. She attended the 14th Annual Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon on behalf of her friend, Nicole Fogel who was receiving the Women’s Achievement Award together with her mother, Sheila Fogel.  “I watched my friend grow as she deals with her struggle with lupus,” says the daughter of celebrity hair stylist Vidal Sassoon. “When she is not feeling well, I get more attention and love which is strange. I suppose when you are in that moment you become more selfless.” On the subject of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Sassoon tells us herself that she is sober. “At 43, I don’t drink, eat healthy, exercise every day and drink lots of water,” she says. “We need to have a balanced life, and we don’t truly understand that until God forbid, something happens, and then you wish you had listened to your mom,” Sassoon stressed the importance of listening to healthy advice. With the loss of her father a couple of years ago, she really dug deep, ridding her body of toxins and eating very little to allow her heart and soul to heal.  Other health advice includes “being aware of your thyroid as it is the one balancing your body,” taking supplements and cleansing once or twice a week.


Eden Sassoon