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Elizabeth Frances on Healthy Lifestyle Choices at Erasing the Stigma

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Apr 28, 2017

Hollywood was all a buzz at the Erasing the Stigma event. New You caught up with Elizabeth Frances to see what she had to say about the cause. “I’ve had members of my family suffer from mental health and when the opportunity was presented to myself, I was absolutely happy to come support. I think there’s a lot of stigma around different mental health issues in our society and I think it’s time we get rid of them. I feel like the more open we are about things as a whole, we can actually deal with an issue.” To ensure she keeps herself in good mental health, Elizabeth tries to always stay positive. “I think that the small things we do daily, whether physical or mental, make the biggest difference so to check in with yourself on how you’re feeling, where you’re at, to set that tone for yourself each day – that’s the best advice that’s helped me personally.” In keeping with a happy, healthy lifestyle, Elizabeth walked us through her day.  “Daily, the first thing that I do in my day is that I get up, I workout, because my endorphins are running and I’m feeling great and I listen to things that I feel enrich my mind – Ted talks, motivational videos – things that make me think before I start going down the social media hole. I think that’s where, especially with everything going on in our country right now, I think it’s easy to be sucked down into a negative narrative. I chose to stay positive and fill my mind with that sort of food. You are what you eat so same with your brain I think!”