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Eva Longoria, Rita Ora and Kenneth Cole join fight against AIDS at amfAR 24th Cinema Cannes Gala

By Cameron Peek
Posted On May 26, 2017
Eva Longoria, Rita Ora and Kenneth Cole join fight against AIDS at amfAR 24th Cinema Cannes Gala

Unity. This is what’s required of us in order to combat some of the world’s most serious health issues. Thankfully, there are stars dedicated to fighting against AIDS and raising money to keep it in the global media spotlight. Yesterday, amfAR returned to the lavish Hôtel du Cap in Cannes, France for the 24th annual amfAR Gala. To date, this sought-after event has raised more than $190 million for amfAR’s life-saving research programs. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is an aggressive disease that targets the immune system and weakens people’s defense systems against infections and some types of cancer. HIV is a major global public health issue, having claimed more than 35 million lives so far. In 2015, 1.1 (940 000–1.3 million) million people died from HIV-related causes globally. Eva Longoria, Rita Ora, and Kenneth Cole spoke at the event with a great passion for the cause.

Kenneth Cole, clothing designer, and event chair said “We have our annual amfAR gala which brings out the most beautiful people and the best-intended people with resources and a will to apply them to a shared vision, which is ending HIV, which is one of the worst public health crises ever. Tonight is a serious evening but it’s also a joyous one.” The event featured many stars including Nicole Kidman, Diane Kruger, Bella Hadid, Will Smith, Nicki Minaj, Kate Upton, David Beckham and much more. Rita Ora was delighted to perform for such a great cause, “It’s such an amazing event to just really raise awareness and everybody coming together, I mean this is what we need more than ever, unity, right? Especially right now.” Eva Longoria, event chair added, “The amount of money this night raises, makes such an incredible difference in what we’re trying to do in AIDS research and doing everything possible to help families that are affected by this horrible disease.” Unity from these stars and many people from all walks of life, is exactly what this world needs.