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By New You Editorial
Posted On Nov 18, 2016

Facebook has just announced new tools to mark you safe in a crisis, ask for help during a crisis, help others during a crisis, and help fundraise. The social network, in an announcement on Thursday at its Social Good Forum, stressed the importance of the community and what Facebook can do to help empower this global community. “The philosophy of everything we do at Facebook is that our community can teach us what we need to do,” CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said in a video played at the event. “And our job is to learn as quickly as we can and keep on getting better and better.” The “safety check” tool for example, enables Facebook users to mark themselves safe during a political uprising, an earthquake, or any other crisis. The “community help” tool, which will allow Facebook users to offer their services such as food and shelter for those in need, will roll out early next year. Facebook has also empowered the community to fundraise through their platform. To date, users can choose to donate to over 750,000 charities and the list keeps on growing. An idea inspired by a conversation with Melinda Gates has now crystalized into Tuesdays being “my giving story” day. It is this and other other inspirational movements such as Movember (men’s health awareness) that continue to set Facebook apart.