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Get a Celebrity Workout In Your Living Room

By Cameron Peek
Posted On Aug 04, 2019
Get a Celebrity Workout In Your Living Room

Awards season may be over, but we continue to find ourselves gawking at the beautiful dresses and exquisite fitness that blankets every red carpet.


It also seems as though there’s always a new fitness fad going around. Whether it’s a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), kickboxing, spin class, boxing or hot yoga, there’s always something new to try. This simple red carpet workout has HIIT principles with a unique twist and it only requires two things: a deck of cards and some lightweight dumbbells.


Here’s how it works:

Step one:

Get a deck of cards, a workout space which could be your living room, the gym or anywhere with some open space.

Step two:

Each card has a suit, and each suit is one exercise. See below for the exercise.



Squat and Press a Dumbbell




Box jump




You might be wondering how many reps for each exercise? That is where the card numbers come in. At the beginning of the workout, after you’ve shuffled the cards, you will turn over the first card. That card might be a 10 of diamonds. This would mean you perform 10 pushups. After completing that card, you flip another card over. Let’s say the next card is a 3 of hearts, then you would do three burpees. Repeat this until you’ve moved through the whole deck of cards.


There’s one hitch…


You thought we were leaving out running, didn’t you? Unfortunately, most celebrity trainers will tell you that cardio is key to red carpet fitness. To incorporate this into the workout, every ace you flip up is a 100m sprint or 20 frog jumps if you have limited space.


With just a deck of cards, some dumbbells and less than thirty minutes of your time, you’ll have a body that’s ready to strut on the red carpet in no time!