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Izabella Miko shares best kept beauty secret at “Kill ‘Em All” Movie Premiere

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Jun 07, 2017
Izabella Miko shares best kept beauty secret at “Kill ‘Em All” Movie Premiere

At the “Kill ‘Em All” movie premiere, New You chatted with Izabella Miko. Buzzing about the movie, she beamed, “I’m here for the action! Sometimes it’s important to step outside your own reality and this is what our business entertainment is all about, giving you a little break from your own world.”


An avid follower of a healthy lifestyle, Izabella filled us in on her trade secrets to keep fit and happy, “I’m vegan and that changed my life and I meditate. Two things you can do for your life, the most important one is to meditate and be happy. Happiness is like the best beauty secret out there. Being vegan, the food is really really clean and you’re not harming any beings and not ingesting any dead energy. It changed everything, my whole skin, I have no more allergies, and of course, you stay in really good shape as well.”


With radiant skin and natural beauty, Izabella explains how she achieves her stunning look, “I do a lot! I do lasers. I don’t believe in invasive stuff and lasers are really good to encourage collagen growth. I do hot yoga as well because it’s good for your body and it gets rid of all the toxins and I think that helps as well. I don’t drink enough water and I don’t sleep enough. Those are the two things for sure that I’m working on! I use natural products. It’s just about going back to the basics, very natural stuff.” Her makeup routine follows suit, “I always go for a very natural look. I don’t like to put too much on my eye. I think the simpler the better. Try to have your skin actually come through. Not like now with the painted eyebrows I’m like ‘whoa! That’s too much!’ I actually think men really like that too. Men really like a natural look.”