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Jake Allyn Says Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Mental Health

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Apr 28, 2017

When it comes to mental wellness, Jake Allyn says people should not be afraid to talk about it. “Because it is not evidenced necessarily, you can have something wrong with you and not quite know it and so if you are feeling something, talk to somebody,” said the actor. NEW YOU caught up with Allyn at the Erasing the Stigma Leadership Awards last night in Los Angeles. When it comes to speaking up about mental illness, Allyn feels that the platform he has been given as an actor is necessary when it comes to important causes. “You are given a voice and you wouldn’t be doing your job if you don’t lend your voice to causes like this,” he said. “I think sometimes events like this can only lend itself to one group of people and so as part of the younger generation, I am continuing to voice these types of problems to the younger generation who might not be as aware of some of the problems or educated in that field.” When it comes to his own personal health the Dallas-born actor says he is a “workout-to-wake-up” kind of guy. “Physically, I am a runner, weightlifter and all that, but honestly it does help with my mental health as well,” he said. “It is my meditation, I guess, that’s how I clear my head.” Allyn, who stars as the All-American quarterback, BoJohn Folsom on BET’s one hour drama series, The Quad (2016) says he is looking forward to shooting the next season. “It is a college show and we dive into a lot of social issues going on today’s society and especially on college campuses. We have a lot to life up to!”