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Jane Lynch sings “Borscht Belt” style at Concert for America

By Cameron Peek
Posted On May 25, 2017
Jane Lynch sings “Borscht Belt” style at Concert for America

What do you get when you let Jane Lynch and Kate Flannery perform together? Everyone gets to witness something magical and completely laughable. NEW YOU caught up with the Glee star at Concert for America, a non-profit concert dedicated to inspiring people to become more active citizens. The pair was performing “Far from the Home I love” a piece from Fiddler on the Roof but the dynamic duo of Kate and herself did it “Borscht Belt” style. It was inspired by a girls group from the forties and fifties, nonetheless some quality entertainment at the concert. As for the event, Jane has been involved for the past three years, “I know Seth, and I’ve known Seth for awhile and Kate Flannery and I have been singing together forever.” Kate peeped in behind the interview to say, “don’t believe a word she says” (in reference to Jane). Concert for America was started by Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley with the intent of traveling throughout the country every month for the foreseeable future on a mission to raise money and infuse fellow Americans with hope and inspiration and the desire to become more active as citizens. Their charitable giving really started in 2015 when they formed their own 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to directly help children.

Jane shared that she remembered when What the World needs Now came out, a tribute to the victims of the Orlando Nightclub shooting, and she was very moved by it. Naturally, when Seth Rudetsky, a creator of the tribute, asked her and Kate to sing at the concert, they both said yes. Jane was all laughs and full of spark on the red carpet. When asked about health advice for young people, in true Jane Lynch fashion she said, “I don’t care, they’ve got to find their own way.” However, she did tell NEW YOU that water really makes a difference for her. “It’s the difference between feeling light and vibrant to feeling dull and down. Water is kind of the magic thing.” We agree, Jane and we love your vibrant soul!