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By New You Editorial
Posted On Feb 20, 2017

When it comes to style, Kate Linder, feels she owes it to her fans to look dressed up. “I like glamour,” says The Young and Restless star. “It is always important to look your best. When I do appearances, I know that the people I meet – they want me to look good.” NEW YOU caught up with Kate at The Makeup and Hairstylist Awards in Los Angeles last night. The actress was there to present some awards and was excited to tell NEW YOU that the stylists and makeup artists from The Young and Restless show were nominated in their categories. “The hair and makeup people are amazing,” she gushed. “They make us look good in front of the camera.” So how does she stay in shape? “I am a tap dancer so I do that and I am at the gym,” she said. “Most recently I discovered Pilates and I really love that.  I have wanted to do that for a long time but it is so hard to fit everything in.” When it comes to her health and beauty routine Kate says she tries to eat right and drink a lot of water. “I also try to take my makeup off but sometimes you are so tired after work. It is a bad, bad thing to sleep with your makeup on,” she quickly added.  “Also stay out of the sun. I used to be a sun freak but that is also so bad for you – causes wrinkles, so I don’t go out in the sun too much.”


Kate Linder