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Keesha Sharp Talks All Kinds of Love at Broadway’s Concert for America

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On May 25, 2017
Keesha Sharp Talks All Kinds of Love at Broadway’s Concert for America

Keesha Sharp illuminated the red carpet at Broadway’s Concert for America. At the show, she and husband Brad Sharp had a special treat and a great message for those lucky enough to be in the audience, “We’re performing ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.’ It’s a song that says I’m going to love you no matter what. It’s for us as a couple but it really is for everybody! We’re going to love you no matter the color, race, sexual orientation, it doesn’t matter! We’re going to love you to the heights of the mountain.”

When not belting out tunes, Keesha keeps in great shape by following her loves. “I hate working out! So I have to do things that I love. I love boxing. I love Pilates. So I’m not a person that likes to go the gym and workout that way but I love working out in the sense of doing what I love so those are the things I can do all day every day. I think if everybody finds something like that – because not everybody likes working out at the gym but you might love to dance so find a great dance class, you might love boxing then go out and do boxing so I think it’s important to do the things you love and you’ll work out.”

With many new projects in her horizon, Keesha tells her what she’s most anticipating. “I start up Lethal Weapon second season starting June 12 so I’m excited about that and then Marshal is coming out in October. Thurgood Marshall is a great movie, I’m excited about that. I’m excited for people to get to know who he was.”