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Kerry Washington Embodies Empowerment at the Women Making History Awards

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Jan 28, 2018
Kerry Washington Embodies Empowerment at the Women Making History Awards


At the prestigious 2017 Women Making History Awards at the National Women’s History Museum, New You had the privilege to speak with the fabulous Kerry Washington on her thoughts about those being honored at the event, “I think one of the things that important to remember is that the people you think of as icons are really just people. Anybody that you think is a person who is empowered or strong or courageous or outspoken, that they are exactly like you – they share the exact physical make up that you do. You might not have the exact same life circumstances but you’re just human beings trying to do the best you can.”


She had some words of wisdom that everyone, male or female, can relate to, “I think really just our job in life is to be our own icons, to find our own inner icon, and walk toward that because you have to be the best version of you. I was honored to hear that people find me, or the things I’ve done, or the opportunities I’ve been able to have inspiring, but the real thing is not to want to be like me or like anybody else you hear today, it’s to be the best version of you.”


In a world that is oftentimes tough to manage, Kerry explains to us how she is able to make it through, “More than any one woman, the thing that I’ve been thinking of a lot lately is that I’m in a community of women that support each other. I have a lot of really amazing women friends and a lot of amazing women that I work with and I think allowing ourselves to be in communities of women is really important to uplift each other and inspire each other, be vulnerable and courageous together, so I think that’s what’s become most important for me in my life – to have girlfriends that I love and that we’re all working moms together doing the best we can, figuring it out – that’s really for me what it’s about right now.”