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Mark Sherman Kill ‘Em All Premiere shares the best thing for yourself is adversity

By Cameron Peek
Posted On Jun 07, 2017
Mark Sherman Kill ‘Em All Premiere shares the best thing for yourself is adversity

What’s the greatest thing a person can come face-to-face with? Adversity. NEW YOU caught up with actor and producer, Mark Sherman at the Kill ‘Em All premiere in Los Angeles. We were lucky enough to hear some of his best health advice and get a sneak peek at how he trains for all of the action. The film itself begins after a massive shootout when a mysterious stranger (Jean-Claude Van Damme) arrives at a local hospital on the brink of death and it only intensifies from there. “It’s an action movie, what’s not to love about it… this is what they come to see.” We asked Mark about what he does to gear up for the undoubtedly intense actions scenes. “I work a lot with the stunt coordinators. It’s fun, it’s a lot of work and the stunt guys make it look really easy. It’s tough to get the timing down, but those guys are pretty amazing people.”

Mark grew up in New York and has worked on many different projects, including producing a music video for Lil Wayne. He’s also a martial artist and holds his black belt after training for many years. He started training at fifteen and would go to the gym five to six days a week. “From weight training, martial arts, yoga… I’ve been doing that for my entire life. I eat mostly healthy and then when I go out, I just go out.” His advice for us, to start training early, train often and find something you like. His best advice though, “Most importantly find something that you suck at so that you can work on it and get better at it, just don’t be afraid to suck at something.” It makes a lot of sense, he elaborated by telling us that it’s hard to teach something you’re naturally good at. But when you can learn something and teach it to someone else, it’s so rewarding. The actor just finished up Blackwater, an action movie in a submarine with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren as well. Now he can enjoy his hard work and success for a little bit. However, if you get anything out of this article, listen to his greatest tip: take adversity head on, and teach yourself something so you can pass it onto others.