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Martha Hunt debuts Victoria’s Secret Body Line

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Aug 02, 2017
Martha Hunt debuts Victoria’s Secret Body Line


Nothing, something, and everything was the theme of the night as Victoria’s Secret Every Day Angel Martha Hunt debuted the new Body line for the brand. The line offers a new way to shop for support with Body By Victoria. The new Body By Victoria collection offers sexy essentials you need for your everyday life in 3 perfect-for-you lining levels; nothing, something, and everything which including an unlined demi for natural shape, a lined demi for subtle shape, and a perfect shape for smooth and sexy curves. “There’s something for every occasion,” she tells us about the beautiful yet versatile line.


When looking for a bra for herself, Martha says, “I mostly look for something that’s comfortable, but if it’s date night, then I want a little something, some extra sexiness, so I might go for the everything. The everything has a little bit of padding.”


Of course being an angel means having a physique like no other. Martha fills us in on how she gets her shape looking Victoria’s Secret ready, “Just work out! Fit in the workouts, find the time. Whether it’s before or after work or your day off, just fit it in whenever you can.”


Privy to all that VS has to offer, Martha shared with us what her favorite item is, “My favorite Victoria’s Secret beauty product would be the velvet matte lip stains, they’re so good. I wear them all the time. It’s been my favorite all summer. “


When not flaunting a flawless lip stain, Martha takes much care in making sure her skin is on point as well. “I try to take care of my skin. I moisturize every day, I exfoliate once a week, but genetics probably plays a big role. Thanks mom and dad!”


Other than her great body and gorgeous skin, Martha also is very conscious of her food choices. “For me, I don’t stick to a diet plan per say, but I try to eat whole, natural foods. I try to stay away from packaged foods. Real food, real meat, grass-fed meat, cage-free eggs, and produce – lots of organic fruits and vegetables.”