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meaning of ruth b lost boy and how she keeps energy levels up at BMI awards

By Cameron Peek
Posted On May 10, 2017
meaning of ruth b lost boy and how she keeps energy levels up at BMI awards

Very few people write a song in their basement that reaches the Hot 100, but Ruth B is one of the few and far between. The Canadian native is famous because of a Vine she posted with an original line that eventually became the song “Lost Boy” which has already won her numerous awards. Not to mention, she finished the song in a week. Looking for the meaning of ruth b lost boy? The song is about finding friends, even though she sings it alone with only a piano accompanying her. Her “Neverland” is a place of liberty when she sings the famous line “lost boys like me are free”, and it makes me want to sing-along just hearing it. When NEW YOU caught up with her at the BMI awards in Los Angeles, she was stoked for the opportunity, “I’m here for a song that I wrote in my basement (Lost Boy), that I didn’t even think was going to be a song. So it’s pretty surreal and very cool to be a part of this whole thing.” She shared with NEW YOU, her songwriting style is very “diverse” and inspiration comes “when something happens to me or my friends, or something that I see, I kind of like to put it in a song and hope that someone else can understand it.”

Ruth B sported a flashy pink suit and bright pink eyeshadow contrary to her usual natural, effortless look at the awards. BMI is a non-profit music rights organization that was founded in 1939, and the awards recognize true songwriters like Ruth B for her efforts in the music industry. She knows the importance of keeping up a healthy lifestyle despite her busy life. She had some great health tips for NEW YOU readers to stay energized; she said, “Drink lots of water, H2O kids.” The 21-year old said the key to staying energized is surrounding yourself with good people. “The people you work with should start feeling like family. Be around good people and always take time for yourself.” That’s some good advice right there. We’re taking notes and so should you.