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Nastia Liukin is still happily engaged and shares what she learned from the Olympics

By Cameron Peek
Posted On May 17, 2017
Nastia Liukin is still happily engaged and shares what she learned from the Olympics

Backtrack for a minute, to the 2012 Olympic trials and Nastia Liukin was in the middle of her routine on the uneven bars when she missed a release element and fell hard onto the mat. Not the outcome she wanted after her many hours of training, but she still got up, finished the routine, and received a standing ovation.”When I won the gold medal nobody was on their feet, but when I fell on my face, got back up and finished that routine, twenty thousand people were on their feet. So I think I learned so much in that moment, of life isn’t always about who’s the best and who finishes out on top, or who wins that gold medal.” Nastia elaborated for NEW YOU and said, “the moments where I failed, or fell, or was disappointed, those are the moments I learned the most about myself in life.” We caught up with Nastia at the Simply Stylist Pop-up in Miami to celebrate Coppertone’s new Whipped sunscreen. Nastia was a panelist for the event and spoke about her makeup routine as a gymnast and some of her health and beauty tips. When our very own Ruchel Louis Coetzee interviewed her, Nastia happily looked back on her gymnastic days. She’s learned a lot that has carried over to her adult life and career. “We’re all going to have bad days in life… but on those bad days you can’t quit.” Her mom would make her go back to the gym until she had a “good day” which might take two days of practice or a week. But she was never allowed to quit on a “bad day” instead she had to push through, which has shaped her into the resilient woman she is today.

In more recent news, Nastia and her fiance Matt Lombardi postponed their wedding early last week, however, Nastia didn’t seem worried in the slightest. “We just really wanted to take time and focus on ourselves right now… it’s been such an exciting time and we didn’t want to rush into anything.” The couple owns a business together and they’ve purchased a house together. Nastia told NEW YOU that Matt was in Miami with her for the weekend, and they would be spending lots of time together. Best of luck to the happy couple!