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New You’s Q&A with Pizza Girl Caroline D’Amore

By Ashley Hume
Posted On Apr 14, 2021
New You’s Q&A with Pizza Girl Caroline D’Amore

A mid-2000s It Girl, Caroline D’Amore has walked the catwalk for Diane von Furstenberg’s runway show, been featured as an artist-in-residence DJ at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and acted in the HBO show Entourage among other accomplishments. The model, DJ and actress added restauranter and chef to her other titles when she joined the family business, D’Amore’s Pizza. Since then, she has opened her own location in Los Angeles, launched a catering service and developed her own retail line of Pizza Girl sauces. New You conducted a Q&A with D’Amore in which she discussed what inspired her to become a restaurateur, the challenges she overcame and her advice for female entrepreneurs.

New You: What inspired you to follow in your family’s footsteps and get involved in the restaurant business? What are some of the personal touches that you added to your family’s traditions?

D’Amore: I think I have the same entrepreneurial spirit as my Dad and learned so much growing up in the pizza restaurant business; it was just a natural progression.  My new business Pizza Girl, my line of USDA certified organic, locally sourced pasta sauce, is my passion. Making my own pasta sauce was something that I personally wanted to find on supermarket shelves so everyone could enjoy great tasting sauces that were also super healthy!

New You: What are some of the challenges that you faced as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome them? 

D’Amore: Wow, where do I start!  I first launched the Pizza Girl sauce in 2019 and I was in over 100 stores with the sauce flying off the shelves.  Then Covid hit and I quickly found out the struggles of a small brand not having the big brand power in a pandemic! I couldn’t get any of my organic ingredients, everything had all been bought up by the big established companies. It was devastating.

New You: How do you make time for your family and all of your other career endeavors while running a successful business?

D’Amore: That’s the juggle!  I have great support from family and friends and business partners who all value family time and believe in balance.  It’s so important in business to work with people with the same values and work ethic.  I make a lot of to-do lists and check them daily!

New You: D’Amore’s Pizza now has multiple locations and the Pizza Girl sauce line. What is next for D’Amore’s Pizza?

D’Amore: I have stepped aside from the restaurant business for now as I am focusing solely on my product line.  I want to make it available across the country and then my dream would be to open Pizza Girl restaurants!

New You: What advice do you have for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

D’Amore: Say yes to opportunity and believe in yourself.  Don’t expect it to be all smooth sailing. if things get tough, don’t give up!  It sounds cliché but it’s all about moving forward…..

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