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By New You Editorial
Posted On Nov 05, 2021

Anne Heche and Peter Facinelli have had huge success together in the past with THE VANISHED on Netflix and now have reunited for the new film 13 MINUTES, in theaters this week. Each of these inspiring actors are now on the dual cover of the recently launched Gurus magazine. The magazine is a new venture from Derek Warburton and the focus of the periodical is on 3 words:


Heche is no stranger to the phrase “ethereal beauty”; and in her photo shoot for the inaugural issue of Gurus magazine, it’s clear to see why the stunning actress was one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People. Likewise the handsome and stylish Facinelli showcases more than his dashing good looks, discussing his latest film releases, meteorology, acting, directing, and how he keeps passion alive.

Publisher, Derek Warburton noted, “I chose both Anne and Peter for my premiere issue because they both encapsulate the meaning of guru. They live their lives in passion, producing authentic work and always look for the truth within that work. This is a very difficult business to be in and they have both risen to the top. We need to honor storytellers now more than ever to give people a strong sense of humanity and hope.”

Q&A Excerpt from Anne Heche Feature:

Q: You portray someone in the film with beliefs that are the antithesis of everything you stand for. How did you prepare yourself to present her with authenticity and depth?

Anne Heche: Having stood up for equal rights, I can deeply connect with this character and the necessity for these stories to continue to be told. I play a mother who has a harsh reaction to her son coming out. With the incredible actor who plays my son (Will Peltz) and Trace (Atkins), I feel like we hit what I wanted to do – to make the audience so riled at my reaction to my son’s coming out that we keep pushing that needle so that people make the choice. When I play a character that, from the outside, I would judge very deeply, it is my job to strip myself of that judgment so that the audience can decide for themselves. What would they do in the 13 minutes after their son or daughter came out to them? It took a lot of, um, balls, I would say, to play a character that isn’t one that we embrace. It takes guts to risk not being liked.

Q&A Excerpt from Peter Facinelli Feature:

Q: What goes through your mind when a movie of yours is about to be released?  Are you a bundle of nervous energy or do you try to remain calm and focused?

Peter Facinelli: I’ve learned to let any expectations go, because at the end of the day, making films is a collaboration; everyone on the set and every department.  But one of the biggest collaborators of a film is the audience, and now it’s their time to collaborate with the filmmakers and whether they show up and like it or don’t like it. I could never bank on anything being successful or not successful. You just make the art, and then you give it over to the audience and then hope that they enjoy it or take something from it. Our job as artists is done and now it’s the audience’s turn.

Photo Credits: Peter Facinelli
Photographer: Rowan Daly
EIC: Derek Warburton
Groomer: Kim Verbeck

Photo Credits: Anne Heche
Photographer: Rowan Daly
EIC: Derek Warburton
Style Asst: Robin Leiva
Makeup: Justin St Clair @ The Only Agency
Hair: Jaroslava Rigova