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Rachel Hunter Partners With Yogurt Brand DAH! To Celebrate National Yoga Day

By Ashley Hume
Posted On Jun 19, 2020
Rachel Hunter Partners With Yogurt Brand DAH! To Celebrate National Yoga Day

Yogis, have you heard? June 21st is National Yoga Day! To celebrate the occasion, New Zealand supermodel Rachel Hunter has teamed up with America’s #1 India-style organic yogurt brand DAH! to produce a video featuring Hunter’s top five yoga tips. 

A passionate yogi, Hunter dedicates much of her time to immersing herself in the practice’s ancient principles and philosophies. “Yoga – Yog to unify. To create unity. The first sutra from Patanjali . My love for yoga started because of back problems years ago,” Hunter said in a written interview with New You. “As I deepened my practice, there was a newfound strength , meditation, and a sense of calm . Years ago, after training, spending time studying and practicing in India, I would learn the true meaning of Yog. To unify. For me, this was creating that unity in self. This is a lifelong practice to yog or yoga; to unify. At times, something happens and ‘tips us’ off track, whether it be a personal-related event, physical, work related, or society. So, yoga, incorporating the limbs of yoga, helps create that Balance, brings a sense of centered & grounded-ness.”

As most of the world continues to stay home amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, more people are turning to at-home yoga to improve their physical and mental health. Hunter explained how her passion for yoga has helped her during quarantine. “I have been in, and still am in, the lockdown in India,” Hunter said. “I have been practicing meditating doing asana. Keeping focused, self-study watching the fluctuating states, allowing for me to let emotions arise, sit with them and watch it pass. Meeting myself where I am at that day. 

Yoga is an entire system to create that inner unity.”

Harmony and balance are the core values of DAH!, which promotes a slow-cultured lifestyle mirrored in its line of India-inspired probiotic yogurt and lassi products. With her devotion to the practice of meditation and yoga, Hunter was a natural fit for the DAH! brand. President of DAHlicious Organic Ajeet Burns announced the official partnership in early June.“We are excited to have Rachel on board as a partner. Through her journey, her energy, extensive knowledge of the wellness and yoga space, and slow cultured lifestyle, she embodies the message we aim to convey to consumers with DAHlicious. This is a time when consumers are looking for products that provide nourishment and products that boost immunity. Our brand combines both of these elements and offers a delicious alternative in theprobiotic food market with 15 billion live probiotics per serving. We take pride in offering products that promote gut health and encourage a mindful lifestyle.”

Hunter said, “Partnering with DAH! is a dream! Incorporating real life with work . That authentic relationship that is natural. Their message. And the product. This is where that tether of unity I’m talking about comes from, even your work isn’t work because you are united with the same outlook. Life starts to flow. Meditation is key!”

In addition to the expanded partnership with Hunter, DAH! has also launched its “Heart Chakra” 3+1=4 initiative. This pay-it-forward program supports front line workers. Through social media and social partners, the brand is asking the community to nominate friends, loved ones, and anyone they know on the front line (nurse, doctor, grocery store clerk, etc.) to receive a care package to support their immune system. Each engaged partner will give away 31 care packages, 3+1=4, The Heart Chakra.

DAH! yogurt and lassi can be found at select natural and conventional retailers across the country, including Walmart, Publix, Market Basket, and Bristol Farms and online at www.dahlicious.com.