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On the Set with Oscar Blandi

By New You Editorial
Posted On Sep 20, 2019
On the Set with Oscar Blandi

Blandi Has More Fun

Celebrity hair stylist Oscar Blandi—beloved by superstars and everyday women alike—was born with styling in his blood. Blandi’s father, brother, and three sisters were all professional hair stylists, and young Oscar began working in his dad’s Naples, Italy salon by age 14. “My father could transform a person simply by changing her hair,” Blandi recalls. “It was like art. I knew I wanted to do the same someday.” After completing his arts education and working in several of his father’s colleague’s salons, he packed up his old-world Italian methods and shipped his talent stateside. “The United States and Italy have different types of training,” he says. “The hairdresser in Italy learns all the trades—from shampoo to color to perm. In the US, you have a specialty. Either you go into color or style.”

Thanks to his natural skill and well-rounded education, Blandi went on to become a living legend in the styling arena. He has two salons in Manhattan—including one at the Plaza Hotel—as well as his own line of products. His favorite: his original powder formula, the Pronto Dry Shampoo.

He considers his signature style to be natural, undone, soft, European, romantic, and classic without “heavy corners.” He takes career cues from idol Vidal Sassoon, and gathers inspiration from women on the street, Richard Avedon photography, and old movies. “It’s interesting to manipulate things that already exist,” he says.

Blandi is truly one of the most loved, influential hair professionals working today.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Getting Julia Louis-Dreyfus ready for the Emmys “Julia has beautiful hair to work with because it’s nice and wavy. She has a lot of hair, with a lot of density. You can do almost anything you want with ease. When I saw the dress, I suggested that we do something very clean and sleek. The neckline was a beautiful square, so I wanted to blow-dry it straight. We always work together to come up with the style. She tells me what she thinks first, then we decide how to create it in the way that is the most flattering to the dress and her overall look for the night.”

Spray volumizing spray all over towel-dried hair. Then blow-dry hair so it is only partially damp, and distribute a dime-size amount of Jasmine Oil Serum throughout hair. Once the products are in place, dry hair straight. Then create a center part. Take two sections and pin them behind each ear. Let the hair fall freely over the pins. Spray Lacca hairspray to keep hair and those pesky fly-aways in place for flawless hair all night long.

Oscar Blandi Volumizing Spray
“Before blow-drying, I sprayed Volume all over Julia’s damp hair and combed it through to give it a boost, especially at the roots.” ($19, blandiproducts.com)

Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Serum
“I distributed a dime-size amount throughout Julia’s damp hair before blow-drying to prevent frizz. I also like to use it on dry hair to enhance shine.”($35, blandiproducts.com)

Oscar Blandi Lacca Hairspray
“Julia needed a soft-hold hairspray that would keep fly-always intact but also allowed for manageability. I also sprayed her roots for an added boost of volume.” ($25, ulta.com)