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By New You Editorial
Posted On Feb 23, 2017

Over 300 guests including celebrities, eco-luminaries, and environmental companies from around the world turned up for the 14th Annual Global Green 2017 Pre-Oscar Party in Los Angeles last night. It was a night of impassioned pleas to help Stand with Standing Rock and do more to save our environment. “The plight of Standing Rock first came into the National Conscious last summer when several young Native Americans from the Sioux tribe, decided to run 2000 miles from North Dakota to Washington to call upon the Army Corps of Engineers to halt the construction of the Dakota pipeline,” said Orlando Bloom before presenting the Global Green Award to Tribal Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, David Archambault II. “He has demonstrated strength and resolve and we owe him a debt of gratitude, reminding us all that we can and must stand up to what we know is right.” Accepting the award on Archambault II’s behalf was tribal councilman, Chad Harrison who thanked the audience and went on to say how much the tribe has learned from this cause. “We learned that we have a voice as the first Americans, we learned that our cause is real and we learned that we are not alone and that we have 366 sister tribes who stand with us,” he said. “We are the little train that could and will continue to keep the fight going.” Jane Fonda reminded the audience that she was at Standing Rock around Thanksgiving last year. “There were 20,000 veteran Native Americans who had fought for this country who came to stand in support with the water protectors,” she said. “They were in prayer and I never experienced anything like this….I have never been hugged so much.”  Later on in the night, Jeff Bridges presented the Global Green Planet Award to Dianna Cohen of the Plastic Pollution Coalition. He pleaded with the audience to help save the environment from the scourge of plastics that dominate the planet. Dianna Cohen spoke about the three “R’s” on a chain around her neck that stood for recycle, reuse, and renew. “I have added a 4th “R” now,” she said. “Refuse single use plastic.” Other celebrities on the red carpet went on to say how they personally help the environment by installing solar panels, buying organic foods from local farmers, buying vintage clothes or good quality clothes that last, and finding alternatives to paper towels.  We could all help our planet one step at a time.

Photo Credits: Getty Images for Global Green