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Trailblazer and Now Director Eva Longoria Speaks at the 2017 Makers Conference

By New You Editorial
Posted On Feb 08, 2017
Trailblazer and Now Director Eva Longoria Speaks at the 2017 Makers Conference

The 2017 MAKERS Conference included the talented and outspoken Eva Longoria in a candid interview with agent and MAKER Christy Haubegger. With her feminine light brightly shining, Eva took us through her trials and tribulations in directing over the past year as she took this male-dominated industry head on. “I say this confidently, not arrogantly, I’m a really good director because I’m a woman and because directing is about problem-solving and I think women are the best problem solvers in the world – it’s just a full day of problem-solving all day every day on set,” she explains of her days on set. On a particular shoot, Eva wanted to flex her stunt muscles with some pyrotechnics. “We blew it up and the Fire Marshall came and he was like ‘You can NOT do that!’ And I was like ‘Ok we’ll make it smaller…’ But the point is, I did it as opposed to being afraid and being like ‘Well maybe I shouldn’t…’ How many men have blown up things in movies and never doubted that decision? That was a big learning moment for me.” On another occasion, Eva recounts how she hasn’t always felt the feminist support. “I said I want to develop this [Magnum PI] but instead of a guy, I want it to be a woman and we sold it and it didn’t get made. I really feel it was that unconscious bias, that study, that people go ‘Well I just don’t see her doing everything he did, ’ and you go ‘Why not?! Why can’t you see it that way?’” There is nothing that can stop this woman on a mission.


Eva Longoria