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The Rendezvous: Your Weekly Review in a Few

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Jun 03, 2016
The Rendezvous: Your Weekly Review in a Few

Three cheers for the weekend! This week was filled with craziness, from a tragic shooting at the UCLA campus to the first game of the NBA play offs. And we are still trying to find out who had a worse week Johnny Depp or the losers of the cheese rolling competition. We’ve got you covered on this weeks headlines!

Pray for UCLA


Wednesday, a murder-suicide took place on the UCLA campus where two men lost their lives. The shooter, Mainak Sakar went up to his former professor, William S. Klug’s fourth-floor office, shot him with multiple rounds, then committed suicide, sending the whole school into lockdown. A note was left by the shooter asking the finder of the note to check on his cat in Minnesota. Police later found a ‘kill list’ at Sarkar’s Minnesota home that included Professor Klug and a woman who was killed last Thursday (no details have been released on this victim yet). The Los Angeles police chief stated that the shooting was tied to “a dispute over intellectual property.” Our hearts go out to the families of all of those involved and the students of UCLA.

Trump Headlines


When looking for things to write about the presidential election this week I got pleasantly distracted by the headlines I was seeing about Donald Trump. So here are this week’s Donald Trump headlines. You’re welcome.

Most Americans Wouldn’t Sleep With Donald Trump For $1 Million- Huffington Post

Donald Trump’s Obsession With Himself- CNN

The Louis CK theory of Donald Trump- The Washington Post

The Problem Isn’t That Donald Trump Called a Judge “Mexican” Vox

Donald Trump Warns Barack Obama He’ll ‘Hit Him’ like Bill ClintonMcClatchy DC

Donald Trump Is a 2-Year-Old. It’s Time for the Press to Treat Him Like One– Politico Magazine

Trump Throws Tantrum After Reporters Do Their Job– CNN

Nobody Puts Baby on the Bench


Last night was the first game of the NBA playoffs between the king of the courts, Lebron James, and Steph Curry. Pretty much déjà vu from last year except this time their teams, the Cavaliers and the Warriors, were also present. The game was neck and neck all night until the fourth quarter (shocker), where the Warriors’ backup point guard Shaun Livingston was tagged in and proceeded to score 20 points in 27 minutes! The Warriors took the W for game 1, outscoring the Cavs 104-89. The major takeaway from this game is that the Warriors’ bench is bringing the fire. The Warriors’ bench outscored Cleveland’s bench 45-10, and backup Shaun Livingston scored 20 points which is the same number of points that starters Curry and Thompson scored combined. #Fiya

The Divorce Diaries: Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard


The Johnny Depp/ Amber Heard divorce drama is v hard to keep up with. Here is a quick recap: Amber Heard filed for divorce three days after Johnny Depp’s mother passed away. We then discovered that there was no prenup. Then a week later, on Friday, May 27th (coincidentally, the same day that Depp’s latest movie, Alice Through the Looking Glass, was released), Heard showed up in court with a bruise on her face claiming that Depp physically assaulted her and that she is a victim of repeated domestic violence. A restraining order was issued against Depp, but Heard’s request for $50K a month in spousal support was denied. Depp’s family and friends have been speaking out on Depp’s behalf claiming he would never treat a woman that way and that Amber Heard was blackmailing the Black Mass actor. Later, Amber Heard released text messages from 2014 between her and Depp’s assistant revealing prior abuse. We aren’t sure who is telling the truth here, but the lack of a prenup combined with the timing makes this whole situation a little sketchy.

Competition with a Side of Cheese


May 30th was the annual Cooper Hill Cheese Rolling Competition aka the greatest thing I have literally ever heard of. Thousands of people lined a steep hill in Gloucestershire, England to watch people fling themselves down in pursuit of a wheel of cheese. The 8-pound Double Gloucester cheese is chased 200 yards down a death-defying hill. In reality, the cheese can never actually be caught because of its brief head start and  neck breaking speeds.  The winner of this cheesy but deadly competition is the first person to cross the line at the bottom of the hill. The competition dates back to at least the 1800’s and despite health and safety concerns it has been going on ever since. Chris Anderson, 28, was this year’s big cheese, winning his 17th cheese race, but get this- he hates cheese. I will gladly accept the cheese wheel that he won and give it a loving home.