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The Style Stars of June

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Jun 03, 2016
The Style Stars of June

Hello, you wonderful spiritual beings. How are your “human experiences” going? A little lighter than in recent months, perhaps? Likely yes, now that Mercury is direct, allowing communication, new ideas, travel, technology, and all other forms of forward momentum to take flight. Four other rascally planets were retrograde last month, too — those being Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto — and Mars and Saturn remain retrograde until August. But the net effect of the others’ shifts out of reverse should hopefully resemble the sensation of “lifting the oars and being carried by the river.”

If you aren’t feeling the love profusion yet, that’s OK. Don’t critique where you are… Few things feel worse than being frustrated and then having some sunny person tell you you’re supposed to be happy. With Mars remaining retrograde until late summer, your big picture plans could feel mired in molasses.

You’re thinking: Great… Another opportunity to trust it’ll all work out. But really: Great. Another opportunity to trust it’ll all work out! Saturn’s trajectory may require that you re-route your navigational system or feel around for magic doors, a la The Legend of Zelda. Irritating to some, fun for others. The choice really is yours.

Just remember: There’s an opportunity is everything. Go easy and appreciate your surroundings along the way. Neptune, Pisces’ ruler, is starting a prolonged retrograde on June 13. Neptune is the planet of psychic ability, inspiration, illusion, and dreams, and Neptune-in-reverse is actually a great opportunity for all. This is particularly so for those who naturally experience intuition, or who nurture the desire to explore the mysteries of this and other realms. You can expect stepped-up superpowers and synchronicities. Right in time for all those summer fantasy flicks!

Let the current take you this month, friends. That doesn’t mean being passive. Faith and trust can be such an active, electric thing. With Gemini at the top of the chart until June 20, we can all expect special social moments, engaging conversation, flirtatious exchanges, and memorable vignettes aplenty. Gemini, those effervescent twins, are masters at nuanced communication. Tap into this “brain champagne” energy. It’s available to all.

June Gemini Star Power

Enjoy the time of the Gemini by floating like a social butterfly until June 20. When it comes to stealing a scene, vamping up a party, turning heads on the street, or straight-up wowing crowds with charisma, the twins dazzle like no others.

Lady Twins

Mary Kate & Ashley

On 6/1, we celebrate the birth of screen goddess Marilyn Monroe, all the while cake-and-candling Heidi Klum, Amy Schumer, and Alanis Morissette. Deadpool’s darling Morena Baccarin (6/2), Imogen Poots (6/3), Angelina Jolie and Bar Rafaeli (6/4), and Iggy Azalea (6/7) come next. Style notes so far: Classic, sexy outfits go over really well, be they of the bohemian, brassy, or bikini variety. As for makeup looks and hairstyles, make sure they lend themselves to being the center of attention and lots of tress-flipping.

Maria Menounos, Julianna Margulies, Nancy Sinatra, and Joan Rivers (RIP) are 6/8; Natalie Portman is 6/9; Kate Upton, Faith Evans, and Elizabeth Hurley are 6/10; Adriana Lima, Anja Rubik, and Kendra Wilkinson are 6/12; and 6/13 celebrates Ally Sheedy, Kat Dennings, and the ultimate representation of the Gemini: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. More style insight? Don’t be afraid to be iconic, unusual, eccentric, and outlandish in your attire and beauty choices. It’s you they’re going to remember at the end of the day, not what you wear.

More terrific Twinzies: Lucy Hale and Yasmeen Bleeth (6/14); Courtney Cox, Helen Hunt, and Leah Remini (6/15); Missy Peregrym (6/16); Venus Williams and Paulina Rubio (6/17); Isabella Rossellini (6/18); Zoe Saldana, Paula Abdul, and Kathleen Turner (6/19); and Nicole Kidman (6/20). Final inspiration to take from Gemini ladies? Your smile is your greatest accessory and looks great with everything. Be bold, be charming, connect. Let those suggestions guide you in your closet and throughout your life.

Gentlemen Twins

There are so many beloved Gemini guys out there; it’s plain to see that the Twins command attention. As comfortable in a slouchy get-up as they are in a tux-and-tails, a Gemini knows how to rise to any occasion. Take this cue and wear pieces that are versatile… day-to-night pieces like comfy, well-tailored neutral pants that can be easily gussied up with an elevated layer or two. Perfect the air of making just-out-of-bed hair into a slick, paparazzi-worthy pompadour. (A dime-sized dab of pomade will often do.) Keep your skin moisturized, and perhaps book a teeth-whitening appointment. You’ll be smiling a lot, and carrying on close-distance conversations a-plenty.

Style Stars

Behold your boldfaced Twin fellows: Morgan Freeman (6/1); the handsome quarter of Wentworth Miller, Justin Long, and Wayne Brady (6/2); Rafael Nadal and Anderson Cooper (6/3); Russell Brand and sensational Penguin Robin Lord Taylor (6/4); Mark Wahlberg and Pete Wentz (6/5); guitar god Steve Vai (6/6); Fetty Wap, Liam Neeson, Tom Jones, and dearly departed funk-soul-brother Prince (6/7); Kanye West (6/8); Johnny Depp (6/9); cutie Jonathan Bennett (6/10); power trio Hugh Laurie, Shia LaBeouf, and Peter “Tyrion” Dinklage; Dave Franco (6/12); the superb Chris Evans, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Tim Allen (6/13); Ivanka’s dad and Boy George (6/14); Ice Cube and Neil Patrick Harris (6/15); Tupac (RIP, 6/16); Kendrick Lamar (6/17); crooners Blake Shelton and Paul McCartney (6/18); Hugh Dancy and Macklemore (6/19); and, last but not least, 6/20’s trifecta of Lionel Richie, John Goodman, and Brian Wilson.

June Cancer Boldfacers

Splash News
Splash News

Actions speak louder than words as Cancer commences June 21, ruling until July 22. The sign of Cancer has a dynamic thought world, one that expresses itself in nontraditional ways. Take that concept with you as you plan what to wear, how to style your hair, or the colors with which to shade your lids, lips, and nails. Beguile, you beauties!


Cancer starts strong with lippy lovely Lana Del Ray, modelicious Jessica White, and super-fierce Juliette Lewis (6/21). Meryl Streep and Cyndi Lauper share 6/22; Selma Blair is 6/23; and 6/24 fetes Petra Nemcova, Candice Patton, Mindy Kaling, Minka Kelly, and butt-kicking Solange Knowles. La La Anthony and Freaks & Geeks alums Busy Phillips and Linda Cardellini are 6/25. We’ve got Ariana Grande and Aubrey Plaza on 6/26, Khloe Kardashian and Vera Wang on 6/27, Kellie Pickler on 6/28, Lily Rabe on 6/29, and Lizzy Caplan on 6/30. So much to love about these ladies and their style. Some broad stroke inspirations and observations: These women tell it like it is, they insist on substance, they put their hearts and souls into their crafts, and they don’t suffer fools. Dress like a boss. Find that look that marries “pretty” and “powerful,” then turn up the heat. Tasteful statement jewelry, strong lip color, and sleek hair sound right.


Which brings us to these Cancer guys, who never fail to surprise. Cancer men can be stand-up gents, passionate artists, extraordinary athletes, and top-billing actors… Whatever they set their powerful minds to. Channel their can-do energy and thoughtful allure in all that you wear, say, and do. Style-wise, we’d say, pare things down and keep things cool and classic. (Should be easy in the Northern Hemisphere, as summer bakes us all.) Neat and tidy are fashion watchwords for this crew. Another common thread: athleticism. Go for that extra-long, doctor-vetted run and push your body to a reasonable limit at the gym. See how good you can make your body feel, then enjoy the effect it has on the mind.

Onto the guys, now. Let’s start strong with Chris Pratt and Prince William (6/21), followed by Carson Daly (6/2), Randy Jackson and Jason Mraz (6/23), Ricky Gervais (6/25), Derek Jeter (6/26), and the way-cute threesome of Drake Bell, Ed Westwick, and Tobey Maguire (6/27). Wrapping up the month are funnyman Mel Brooks (6/28) and sports superheroes Mike Tyson and Michael Phelps (6/30).

And with that, we say to you all: We are so glad you were born!


Cover photo illustration by: Andrew Stone