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Patriotic, But Not So Patriotic Swimsuits

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On Jun 27, 2016
Patriotic, But Not So Patriotic Swimsuits

A few more days until Independence Day weekend! Who’s excited?

You have a some time to order your patriotic swimsuit before you’re forced to go the mall.

We would hate for you to bump into someone with the same swimsuit as you. So, we have provided online swimsuit brands that are on the rise!

Some fashionistas may say wearing the American flag or its colors together is a bit tacky this season.

But, these red, white, and blue swimsuits are great for those who love showing off their patriotism the old fashion way and for those who opt for wearing just one of the American colors.

Not a fan of either? Don’t worry! We have also listed cute options that have nothing to do with the holiday.

These brands  cater to different trends ranging from the athleisure girl to the bohemian girl so you’re bound to find the perfect match!


Beauty and the Beach

cobaltblue cobaltbluebackscarlet monokini 2

Citine Swim

citrine-9871_hibiscus_moray_web (1)



indah_16-4948_karlie_chili_pepper_w (1) indah_16-4947_mandy_chili_pepper_w (1)



BlackFringedTop1 (1)





behind-the-wall-rashie (1) (1) behind-the-wall-boardies (1)

Mer Culture

MCTCR03-CSA front (1) MCBCR02-CSA front (1)


Robb + Lulu


50s Halter Seaweed Jungle (2) 50s High Pant- Seaweed Jungle (1)

So Noire


1. Biarritz top and bottom front (1)Lola_Front_Black (1)


Which one was your favorite? Comment below.