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3 Medical Mysteries Behind Weight Gain

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Jun 29, 2016
3 Medical Mysteries Behind Weight Gain

Have you dieted extensively but are unable to see the fruits of your labor? If you have been doing everything in your power to shed a few pounds only to notice you are gaining weight instead of losing it, chances are a medical problem could be the reason. Take a look at three of the most commonly overlooked signs and symptoms behind weight gain.

Tumors: According to Howard Eisensen, M.D., Duke University’s Diet and Fitness Center director, “If women have rapid, unexplained weight gain, it’s possible, though rare, that they have a tumor.” He further stated, “We’ve had patients gain over 100 pounds because of a huge ovarian tumor in their belly.” Ovarian tumors/dermoid tumors by definition are a “Conglomeration of various body tissues (sometimes including teeth) that grow in the abdomen,” as stated by Shape.com.

PCOS: Also known as polycystic syndrome, it is one of the major culprits that impedes on many women’s weight loss journey. Usually an undiagnosed condition, the ovaries (and often times adrenal glands) produce extra male hormones in the body. Because the pounds gradually begin to pile on either during puberty or after giving birth, it is often overlooked by PCOS sufferers that a medical condition may be the reason for added pounds. Don’t worry because there are a few warning signs to help you better pinpoint if you are potentially at risk for PCOS including, acne, thinning hair, excess facial hair, and irregular periods.

Thyroids: If you experience an additional 5 to 10 pounds of excessive weight, hypothyroidism could be worth looking into. To be sure, other symptoms to be cognitive of are brittle hair and dry skin. Thyroids induce weight gain and is a result of excess fluid.  Treatment options are available to help alleviate soft tissue and added pounds.

Your body is a temple, therefore, if you begin to witness your precious temple experience sudden changes, it is time to make a visit to your physician’s office immediately.