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5 Apps You Need For Financial Stability

By Melissa Gutierrez
Posted On Jun 03, 2016
5 Apps You Need For Financial Stability

Let’s call a spade a spade and discuss the uncomfortable and elusive topic of finances. It seems like most of the things I want to accomplish in life require funding to some degree. Even more frustrating is the fact that I work very hard, yet my paychecks seem to run even drier than the Sahara Desert, especially after the first of the month.

Enough is enough.

I put on my big girl pants and scoped out the best apps that everyone who is bad with money needs.

  1. Spending Tracker, 4.5/5 Rating, Free

This is a user-friendly income tracker; it keeps a record of money in against money out. It is itemized so you can see exactly how you are using your money.

  1. You Need A Budget, 4.5/5 Rating, Free

 Use this app to track all of your expenses as well as making micro-budgets for smaller categories. All in all, this app allows you full control of all of the areas of your finances.

  1. Spent, 4/5 Rating, Free

This nifty app is great for splitting the bill with friends if you are on holiday or for managing daily expenses with housemates. The app’s well-organized and visual interface helps you keep track of who paid for what. No more quarreling over IOU’s.

  1. 52 Weeks Money Challenge, 4.1/5 Rating, Free

 This app helps you manage a year-long savings plan to achieve your financial goals. So, whether you want that new Chanel or to go on a Eurotrip, you need this app in your life. Simply plug in what you are saving for and the price, and the app will calculate how much you need to put aside every week to reach your goal within a year. (WARNING! This may interfere with you daily splurge at Starbucks)

  1. One Receipt, 3.3/5 Rating, $1

5 Apps You Need For Financial Stability

This app is handy for keeping a visual record of your spending; simply click to capture your receipt and save. So whether it’s to turn in work expenses or keeping tangible evidence of your spending, this app is a must.


Let me know how these apps have helped!