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5 Ways to Live a More Authentic Life

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Jun 13, 2016
5 Ways to Live a More Authentic Life

In the wake of this weekend’s heartbreaking tragedy in Orlando, we have realized that life is way too short. You can be at a night club having the time of your life with your friends and the next minute your life can be taken from you. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in.

One of the worst things that can happen to someone is that they leave this earth before they have truly lived. For instance, they haven’t found their passion in life, or they’ve accepted society’s definition of what their life is supposed to be, or they never got to know their truly authentic self.

Your authentic self is the you-est version of you! It is your natural qualities, your innate tendencies, and your personal preferences. It’s your love of Game of Thrones over Scandal. It’s your desire to take over the writing world and move to New York. Your authentic self is the part of you that loves what it loves, wants what it wants, and knows precisely how to get there (if you so allow it).

Unfortunately, society shuts down our authentic self – its voice gets drowned out by all the “shoulds,” “have-tos,” and “got-tos” in your head. Here is how to let your authentic self take back control.

Know Your Wants and Desires

Our desires drive us whether we are fully aware of them or not. When you raise awareness to what you really truly want you become the driver of your destiny. Write your goals down and re-read them first thing in the morning. Visualize them and connect with the feeling of achieving your desires. Once they are wired into your subconscious, they will become an essential part of your being.

Listen to Your Body

Your body knows when you are living authentically and when you aren’t. If you truly don’t want to do something but feel that you have to, how does your body react to that? Probably tense, tired, and/or stressed out. Now think of a time when you were excited to do something. Your body reacted with joy, openness, and excitement. Your physical sensations are how your body tells you when you are connected to your authentic self and when you are not. Listen to the signals.

Tell the Truth

To remain connected to your authentic self you must be willing to tell the truth. This can be hard, because many of us are afraid that if we tell the truth we won’t be liked. This may be true but do you really want to be around someone who doesn’t like you for telling the truth? The answer should be no. Start small. Instead of going along with what your friends want for dinner, state honestly what you want. Eventually you will be able to start living your truth, every single day.

Shut the “I should” Up

That little voice inside your head that is always making you second think your decisions and motivations – you need to learn to shut that up. Societal pressures, cultural expectations, and our own feelings of “should” cause us to deny our authentic self. Make a practice of giving yourself permission to follow what you love doing instead of what you’re supposed to do. Choosing your joy over your “should” keeps you connected to your authentic self and creates a hot-wire to happiness in your brain.

Find your Tribe

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is a like-minded group of people to connect with. Surround yourself with people who value the real you, those who get you, and who understand your desire to reconnect with yourself. Find the people that light you up, not drag you down or keep you stagnant. You will know when you find your tribe because you will be growing and thriving together.

There is nobody else in the world that can make you happy except for you. So if you are looking to find some life changing joy, invest in the relationship you have with yourself. Everything else will follow.