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Anxiety: Are You A Target?

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On Jun 16, 2016
Anxiety: Are You A Target?


Did you know more than 60 million people suffer from anxiety every year? It is estimated that four in every 100 people have anxiety. The authors of Cambridge University and Global Review, a research website that measures the behaviors of consumers, reveal statistics on the demographics of who is likely to suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is when one feels worry, fear, or unease and overtime, it can start to feel overwhelming or worse. Your everyday life is affected as it can raise blood pressure, cause nauseous, or disrupt sleep. If you are at least one of the following, you are at higher risk.


North American Residents

Eight in 100 people suffer from anxiety in North America making it the most affected country. The least affected country is East Asia with three in 100 people affected. Most people experience anxiety in the workplace, school, and toxic environments, specifically in relationships or at home.


People Under Age 35

According to the authors of Cambridge University, four out of 100 people suffer from anxiety, particularly those with health conditions and people under 35. Kids usually experience anxiety while in fear while teens are stressed trying to fit in or find themselves amongst those around them. Young adults undergo life changes and try to adapt without the support they used to have.


Health Conditions

Anxiety adds a “double burden” to chronic health condition sufferers. 32% of people with multiple sclerosis and 15% to 23% of cancer patients are affected.



Women are more susceptible to stress because of hormonal fluctuations. Our natural trait to care about our loved ones, especially children, can make us more susceptible to stress. Before and after the birth of a child, pregnant women are likely to suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder, which is a form of anxiety disorder.


How To Cope

Anxiety can lead to very serious illnesses and can increase the risk of suicide. Global review feels that there is a need to conduct more research on native cultures, drug users, sex workers, and the LGBTQ community for more data. It’s important to seek help if you feel that it is intrusive to your everyday life. Otherwise, try some of these tactics that can help you cope with it:

  • Read self-help books and courses that teach you how to manage anxiety.
  • Avoid too much caffeine, alcohol, and smoking.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Visit a doctor for more information.



Women ‘nearly twice as likely to have anxiety’ as men

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