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By Crystal Mejia
Posted On Jun 23, 2016

We’ve discussed why breakfast is not the most important meal of the day and why showering every day is not good for your skin. Whether the purpose is to lose weight or stay toned or you’re a believer in working out at the gym or home, today, we have myths that will change the way you think about exercise.


Myth: The Longer You Exercise, the More You Improve Fitness

20-30 minute high-intensity workouts are more effective than an hour of slower exercises. Instead of focusing on the amount of time, concentrate on the intensity. High-intensity interval training exercises twice or three times a week is all you need.  Let your body recover in between sessions so there’s no counterproductively.


Myth: Exercising is only for those losing weight.

Exercise adds to the quality of life. It improves sleep and mental health and even helps prevent diseases. Function better at home, school, and work after a workout, feeling refreshed, energetic, and coherent. A healthy diet and a regular exercise is needed to maintain good health.


Myth: Only exercising/Only dieting helps you lose weight.

Since it is relatively easier to cut back on the calories when dieting than exercising, studies show that those who try to lose weight by exercise only lose less than those who only diet. However, both exercise and the right diet are necessary to lose weight and gain muscle mass.


Myth: “No pain, no gain!”

Soreness does not necessarily mean you had a great workout, or you exercised the right way. It can mean that you over did it! Burning, stabbing, or sharp pains can be signs of discomfort, not necessarily effort. Your muscles tear and need to rest in between sessions to recover. Consistency is key but if you go overboard and can’t even workout for four to five days then you’re being counterproductive.


Myth: Drink Sports Drinks When Exercising to Replenish Your Body’s Electrolytes.

Energy drinks are high in sugar and calories. They’re great for high-intensity exercise lasting about an hour or more because they replace the glucose lost in sweat. Low-intensity workouts with shorter duration only need water.


No matter the purpose or location, the best type of workout is one that is consistent. A workout regimen is the secret to accomplishing any and every exercise goal.



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