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Basic Hygienic Rules to Sweeten Your Sweet Spot

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Jun 15, 2016
Basic Hygienic Rules to Sweeten Your Sweet Spot


Talking about vaginas and sex may be a little taboo these days, but, the truth of the matter is, it’s important. Whether you choose to go full bush or bare is neither here nor there. The real concerns are how we keep things fresh and clean, especially during the hot and humid summer months.

It All Starts In The Shower

Thankfully, the vagina is a self-cleaning machine, and you don’t really need anything other than water to freshen up your lady parts. If you do choose to wash with soap, choosing a non-scented version is your best bet. We recommend Summer’s Eve or Vagisil. These soaps are specifically formulated to cleanse the vagina without stripping away its natural and necessary bacteria or affecting its pH level.

One other thing – do not douche! Though it may seem like a quick-cleanse fix, it does a lot more harm than good. Douching rinses out healthy bacteria and puts you at risk of STI’s, pelvic inflammatory disease, and other infections. If you’re worried about an unnatural scent below, consult your OBGYN.

Stay Fresh On The Go

Feminine wipes are essential in every girl’s travel pouch. As it pertains to all things for vaginal cleansing, it’s best to take the all-natural route. SweetSpot Labs Wipes & On-the-Go Wipettes are perfect if you’re going from desk to date or sand to soiree – no water needed. These all-natural, alcohol-free, and biodegradable wipes come in three sweet scents: crisp citrus Grapefruit Verbena, soft floral Vanilla Blossom, and luscious tropical Neroli Mandarin.

SweetSpot Wipes were designed by women for women. Stocked in vibrant packages as bright as the travel photos on your insta feed, these luxuriously soft wipes provide the ultimate cleansing experience from head to toe. Get shower fresh instantly, with no skin irritations, anywhere and everywhere.

SweetSpot Lab Wipes
SweetSpot Lab Wipes

Choose Your Underwear Wisely

Trust us, we know that lacy Victoria’s Secret undies are sexy, but those sexy satins make you prone to a not-so-sexy infection – the smelly and itchy condition known as the yeast infection. Yeast thrives in warm, moist environments, and sorry to break it to you, synthetic underwear is a breeding ground for heat and moisture.

If you want to avoid those unbearable yeast infection (which we all do), it’s best to wear 100% cotton underwear because it allows for breathing room and stops moisture from being locked inside. It can get pretty sweaty down yonder, so whether you just finished a workout or can’t avoid the summer sun, changing out of wet bottoms will prevent bad odors and infections from occurring.

No More Ingrown Hairs

The only downside to hair removal, besides the fact that it can be painful and expensive, is that we become much more prone to ingrown hairs. When the growing hairs curl up inside the follicles and fail to pop out of the skin, it creates an unsightly bump. The razor bumps pop up like pimples just as we’re heading to the beach. Fail!

Here’s our two part solution – first, you must exfoliate. Starting two to three days after hair removal, exfoliate the outer parts (and ONLY the outer parts) of the vagina with an all-natural scrub every day. Our recommendation? Yes to Coconuts Polishing Body Scrub. This removes dead skin cells that can clog the surface of your skin and trap hair, causing ingrown hairs and unsightly razor bumps.

After showering and pat-drying the bikini line, take a clean cotton ball and rub Tend Skin’s liquid treatment around the freshly exfoliated area. The combination of ingredients reduces ingrown hairs without irritating or burning the skin. This product works best when used regularly and can also be used directly after hair removal.


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