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Birth Control Apps Are Now a Thing

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Jun 21, 2016
Birth Control Apps Are Now a Thing

An app a day keeps the birth control prescription away.

You can now order birth control without a doctor’s prescription from your smartphone. Welcome to the future of medicine. According to the New York Times, there are currently six options for app-based birth control ordering by private companies and nonprofits including Planned Parenthood.

Each work a little differently, but all operate on the same basis. The process goes something like this: you answer questions about your health in an online form or a video, your information is reviewed by a physician, and then you pick up birth control pills from the pharmacist or get them in the mail. Some even prescribe patches, rings, and morning-after pills as well as birth control. Some of the apps accept standard insurance and others charge low fees.

Although this seems pretty unconventional, it could really do the U.S some good. Studies suggest that the number one reason teens cite for not using birth control is that they fear judgment from their parents. Also found was that 15 to19-year-old women are less likely to use a method of birth control than any other age group.

The rate of unintended pregnancies in the U.S is 45%, so if we can decrease this number as well as save women from having to get abortions it would be an amazing feat.

Finally, we are taking one step in the right direction! ‘Merica!