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Chewing the Fat

By Ruchel Louis Coetzee
Posted On Sep 12, 2016
Chewing the Fat

Want to inhabit your body like never before? Listen to wellness phenom Haylie Pomroy, who reminds us that health truly is wealth. 

For celebrity nutritionist and wellness guru Haylie Pomroy, the average person places too much “weight” on the shedding of pounds. According to Pomroy, shifting one’s focus to increasing overall health affords powerful proof—like a natural trimming of fat. Her results-driven philosophy casts food as an ally, not an enemy. What we consume can be a fuel that prompts the metabolism to burn calories quickly. While her practice has been closed to new clients for more than three years, she shares her knowledge via her New York Times best-selling book, The Fast Metabolism Diet, as well as on her membership-driven website Hayliepomroy.com. Pomroy passionately believes in taking the isolation out of dieting and bringing a sense of celebration to the table. We just had to bend her ear.

NY: There are many diet books out there with a wide spectrum of advice. How does your food philosophy stand out from the crowd?

HP: The goal of my practice has never been to write books, but rather to evoke true clinical response based on standards in my own practice. Most of my clients are dealing with significant health issues. Weight is just a symptom of a health issue. Diets can’t be based on the latest article or newest fad, they have to be based on results.

NY: Why do clients come to see you? 

HP: When I really sit down with clients, the weight may be easy to focus on but it’s not at the heart of the matter. My clients are really looking to have an abundance of energy and glowing skin; to stimulate collagen, elastin, and muscle development; to maintain flexibility; to be pain-free; and to have youth and vitality. What happens when you repair the metabolism is this: You repair why the body can’t lose weight as well as how the body rebuilds and regenerates.

NY: How do you wean clients off bad foods?

HP: So often we focus on what not to eat and I don’t have time for that in my practice. I focus on what to eat to achieve results. If someone comes into my office and they lose 20 pounds but their hair is falling out and their skin looks crazy, I won’t have that client anymore. They have to convert the fat they’re storing into fuel and healthy tissue and healthy bone density.

NY: Would you describe your approach as a balanced diet?

HP: Yes, but it’s not even balanced. It’s about strategic micronutrients that create stabilization in the hormones and provide the building blocks for healthy hair, bones, skin, and nails. It’s less about the loss of weight than the building and replacing of weight with healthy energy function.

NY: What is the initial experience that a new client would have with you?

HP: We always start with making a wish list. I usually ask them to list their foods—the good, the bad, and the ugly. If they have a wish for their body, is it to sleep better, get rid of hot flashes, lose 20 pounds, or run faster? I then create a strategic plan to achieve those results.

NY: Many women are juggling motherhood, weight issues, and work with little time to make a diet plan. What’s your advice?

HP: Make sure your freezer is full of food that you packaged. This is a trick whenever I make dinner. I always have a slow cooker to the side of me, so if I’m already chopping vegetables or onions creating one meal, I do the second one right there as well. I leave it overnight in the fridge and the next morning, before I go to work, I plug in the slow cooker so that when I come home, dinner is made. I also double-batch the recipes and stack my freezer.  We have an app, and just found out that our turkey chili recipe was made over 750,000 times. This shows you that you can eat amazing comfort food and still lose weight.

NY: If a person were to follow The Fast Metabolism Diet to the letter, do you believe they would lose the storied “up to 20 pounds in 28 days”?

HP: Many individuals have lost the 20 pounds in those four weeks. Some have lost more and some have lost less. Usually I would say the low end would be 10 pounds, depending on how much weight the client has at the start. I had a client lose 38 pounds in a month. The difference is that the more you have to lose the more you have to eat, so the portion sizes are higher.

NY: What happens to the body after the initial four-week cycle?

HP: Depending upon how much the person has to lose, some people repeat the cycle until the desired weight is reached. I have a client who lost 106 pounds in six months and another who lost 120 pounds in a year and one month. Another client is doing Stage 4 in the book, which is a healthy food prescription for life that will continue to stoke the metabolic fire.

NY: How would you describe your diet?

HP: The word “diet” for me means: Did I eat today ____? Then fill in the blank. Did I eat today to sleep better, to lower my blood sugar level, to create bone density? It’s about mastering the power of food.

NY: Have we forgotten the power of food with all the diet pills and other prescription drugs that claim fast results?

HP: The only industry that does a really good job at looking at the metabolism is the pharmaceutical industry, and that’s how they create drugs. These drugs may alter a metabolic pathway, like cox inhibitors, but they don’t heal the disease. People become nutrient-dependent and nutrients come from food. It’s better to master the power of food by looking at the word “diet.”

NY: You talk about not eating gluten products. Why is this?

HP: For me gluten is all about allergies. There are several types of glycol proteins found in many grains, and glycol proteins are a combination of sugar and a protein together that often times mimics the glycol protein in the blood that transports nutrients to the tissue. By removing gluten, you allow the body to be more efficient to deliver micronutrients to the tissues for rapid repair. Gluten gets in the way and I don’t have time to waste when it comes to getting results fast.

NY: It’s so hard to give up bread. Do you mean no wheat or no carbs at all?

HP: We have two days totally dedicated to carbohydrates. I’m not opposed to grains. The two days we dedicate to grains are phenomenal for the adrenal glands and for stress hormones. I just alleviate gluten and gleaden when I’m trying to use micro-nutrients for repair. We don’t gain weight because of what we’re eating, we gain weight because of what we’re not eating. It’s all in the science, and the only people making billions of dollars off that science are the pharmaceutical companies. What blows my mind is how in the world they got so many people to believe you could get more out of your body by doing less for your body.

NY: What is the overarching issue at hand here when it comes to metabolism, and what is your response? 

HP: Can I really have a faster metabolism? The answer is: absolutely! I have a client who has dieted since she was 14 years old. All her life she’d been told that she was going to have weight issues. She just sent me a picture of herself in a pair of jeans and she’s now at her goal weight and feels amazing.

NY: What happens if you fall of the wagon?

HP: You get right back on again. You will never find shame, guilt, and depravation in any of my programs.