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Diet Apps That Help Keep the Weight Off

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On Jun 30, 2016
Diet Apps That Help Keep the Weight Off


Forget about paying an athletic trainer $40,000 a year. Diet and fitness apps are free! Drop those pounds with just a couple clicks on a smart phone. However, with hundreds to choose from in the app store, you can easily feel overwhelmed. The key is finding the perfect one that fits your lifestyle. New You has listed a few diet apps that will help track calories before consuming them. Take a picture, log it, and just like that, you are on step closer to keeping the weight off.


Spark People

With a 3 million food item database, keep track of what you’re consuming with Spark People. This app provides a bar code scanner that will help you log in your food, exercise demonstrations, and healthy recipes.



Put your money where your mouth is with Pact. This app allows you to make a pact with yourself to eat better and exercise better. Failure to do so will literally cost you. Put in some money and choose between a “Veggie Pact”, “Exercise Pact”, or “Food tracking pact”. Reach your goal and gain some money but if the goal is not met, you can say bye to the funds.


My Food Diary

Keeping track of your food consumption just got easier with My Food Diary. Take a picture of your meal and log the nutrition facts, including Calories, fat, saturated fat, carbs, fiber, sugar, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, etc. Other features include an exercise log, body log, and a community discussion forum.


Diet Assistant

Want to start dieting but not sure where to begin? Try Diet Assistant. It provides you with diet plans, shopping lists, and a weight tracker.


Calorie Counter PRO

Calorie Counter is another app with a food bar code scanner. Track your meals, weight, and activity in a matter of seconds.



For beginners, it can be frustrating hearing about how many calories you should or should not eat. Calorific actually shows you what an x amount of calories should look like.


Fat Secret

If you need to lose a couple pounds, this app works well with Google Fit. Hold yourself accountable and keep track of your progress with Fat Secret.


What diet apps did we miss? Comment below!